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When I studied Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, my teacher Jason Shulman told us about the Hebrew word yesh. One way to translate the word is simply as “there is” or “there are.” But a yesh is also seen as something in opposition to ayin, or the nothingness from which the world emanates. So, as Jason explained, a yesh is something that solidifies. It may be a chair, a table… or it may be an idea, a belief, a prejudice. In my thinking, yesh (and the word is both singular and plural) are what lead us to stereotype others and see them through the eyes of prejudice. Yesh don't allow room for ambivalence or chaos—the stuff that IS life's richness and beauty. Mostly, I think, we hold onto yesh for... Read More

Tiferet Reading at AWP 2014

Ghost Gallery, Seattle
Amy King, Melissa Studdard, Alicia Ostriker, Aliki Barnstone, Fred LaMott, Bill Kenower, Willis Barnstone, Donna Baier Stein, Tony Barnstone, Ami Kaye, Marie-Elizabeth Mali.

Susan Piver : 10-minute meditation

10-minute meditation (fully guided) from susan piver on Vimeo.

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