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Excerpt from In Sorrow (The Seeds of Change) by Susan Jackson

This poem appeared in our July 2013 issue. Read the rest of Susan’s poem and the rest of the journal by downloading it here. We...

Excerpt from What You Wish For by Ava Leavell Haymon

The following poem appears in our March 2013 Digital Issue. The entire issue is available for digital download. In first grade print: 1. a trampoline 2....
Tracy Brooks

Excerpt from Merge by Tracy Brooks

This poem appears in our Summer 2014 Digital Issue. It was one of the poems Tracy wrote during our 2014 Poem-A-Thon. Download and read...
june calendar photo

Excerpt from Shangri-La Does Not Exist by June Calendar

This story appears in our January 2015 Digital Issue. Read the rest of June’s story and the entire issue. He heard the steady drone of...

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is a non-sectarian, non-dogmatic publication and community at the nexus of literature and spirituality.

We publish high-quality poetry, prose, and art that further meaningful dialogue about what it is to be humane and conscious in today’s often divisive world. Learn more about us.