Poems by Catriona Knapman 2017

Catriona Knapman newCATRIONA KNAPMAN is a Scottish writer and human rights worker currently based in Myanmar. Her poems and journalism has been published widely in the UK and around the world. She brought a solo poetry show ‘Out On The World’ to the Edinburgh 2016 Fringe, where she was runner up in the Stanza Best Poem of the Fringe Award. Read more about her and connect here: https://www.facebook.com/luckydiplife/

Photo credit to:@VideographerIan

Start (sunrise)

I didn’t know there were many beginnings
before I was inside of another, changed
the same. New words – rays, reflections- the sun, already fixed on its passage, moves a little
to stay on course, lifts from the ocean, the start and end of things
has a logic – the way you ride out of one place, along the coast, end in another
scorched at midday – but the journey is round like a pebble
turned inside of a wave,
the wave dances, returns to the ocean,
the pebble releases sharpness, not integrity
the sunrise makes way for sunset, a journey, while ours
has ended – park our bike, drinks by the sea –
a stop on a road which is waiting for us,
to ride through greater tides and seasons,
emerge again, return, anew.
I have told you this over and over, and you listened, each time,
as if it was the first.