Poems by Jake Cosmos Aller 2017

Jake AllerJOHN (“JAKE”) COSMOS ALLER is a novelist, poet, and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries – Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain, and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career.  Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed two novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders, and the Great Divorce) and is pursuing publication.  He has been writing poetry all his life and has published his poetry in electronic poetry forums, including All Poetry, Moon Café, and Duane’s Poetree. (under the name Jake Lee).  He is looking forward to transitioning to his third career – full-time novelist and poet after completing his second career as a Foreign Service officer, and his first career as an educator overseas for six years upon completion of his Peace Corps service in South Korea.

Pane e circus 2017 Redux

By order of his excellency
Emperor Donald the First

The merciful,
the Christian King of Kings
The Sultan of Sultans
The Emperor of North America

Be it hereby decreed
That the ancient honorable gladiator games
Of the old Roman Empire
Have been restored

Each city in the Empire will host a team
They will compete for the honor
Of the national championship

The games will start
With fighting animals

Fighting fish
And lions

Then a man lion contest
With a heretic thrown to the lions

If he or she lives
They will be pardoned

Then then main games
Six men/women teams compete

Armed with swords, knifes, mace, clubs
They fight until one man or women remans
The victor of the game

Those who are prisoners
Can compete for their freedom
And a full imperial pardon

Let the games begin
Long may the games reign
In the new North America Empire

Praise be to the Emperor
Donald the First

Dream 663 Long Live Emperor Donald the Ist

Ladies and Gentlemen
My fellow American citizens
Greetings and salutations

Today is a momentous day
The old corrupt USA republic is no more
The constitution that once protected us
Has been overthrown and violated

The barbarians at the gate
Have taken over
And ruined the once great land
The last hope of the world

And so I had no choice
But to kill the old rotten regime
And restore American greatness

To save democracy
I must destroy it

And so starting today
I will serve as the Emperor of North America
I welcome Canada and Mexico
And the Caribbean islands
To join The North American Empire

As we rebuild America
Restoring American greatness
And making us all proud again

Proud subjects of the New American Empire
May the Empire reign for ever and a day
Triumphant against all enemies

And so I take this burden
Sadly but gladly
I will serve you
As your Empire

And my son Donald
Will serve as our second emperor
Once I pass from this world
His son will serve as the third emperor
And so on until the end of time

And we will reign in our new capitol city
Colorado Springs
Until the end of time

Washington will remain in our hearts
As the capitol of the old Republic

But the heirs of the Roman Empire
Need a new Imperial Capitol

And soon we will conquer Mars
And expand our Empire to the Starts

Long Live the Empire
Long Live America

Good night
And may God Bless
This great Empire

3 Am Nightmares April 11

3 am

The bewitching hour
When the wild things come out
And play

And torture you
With endless wild accusations
And nightmarish visions

As I toss and turn
Trying to escape

I look over at my wife
And as always
Repeat the mantra
Everything will be alright

And the wild things are banished
To the dark corners of my mind

And I recover my happiness
And I smile
As I look at the sleeping beauty

Still the most beautiful women in the world
Still the most alluring women in the world

Still in love with her
After 35 years

The love gets stronger and stronger
As she overcomes my despair

And the sun comes up
And I think to myself

What a wonderful life I have
With the women of my dreams

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Everywhere zombies galore
The end of the world had become
And the zombification of the world had begun

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

No one knew when or where the first zombies appeared
One moment zombies were just a collective figment of our deranged imagination
The next moment we were all living in a zombie apocalypse nightmare

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Some said the zombies were created in a lab
Released by mad scientists and the military
Others said it was plague sent by God himself
To punish mankind for tolerating evil and moral depravity

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The Christians and Muslims prayed
But their prayers went unheard
As they too soon became zombies

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The zombies hunted in packs
Overwhelming their victims
Killing most instantly
But some they simply bit
And turned them into fellow zombies

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The zombies did not attack one another
They preferred living live flesh
Human flesh but they ate every thing they saw

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

And so I ran into the countryside
With my fellow humans
Hit out deep in the woods
Hiding from zombies
And crazed cannibal gangs alike

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The world ended that day
And our nightmare world began

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Spring Doositsu for Angela

Waking up seeing you there
Watching you as you wake up
Fills me with such sweat desire
Overcoming my mind

I sit watching you all day
Thinking of you all day long
Wild erotic imaginings
Love making to come

That old blues song come to mind
I just want to make love to you
I just want to make love to you
Nothing more than that that

I end this morning with this thought
You are still the most wonderful
The most beautiful creature
In the whole universe

Love Jones

I got the Love Jones, baby
And it won’t leave me alone

I got the Love Jones, baby
And it won’t leave me alone

I’ve been writing these love poems
All day long

And I have been dreaming
Of all the ways I could make love
To my secret lover

If only she will let me be

If only she will open her heart
And let me in

Perhaps the love Jones
Might leave me along

But I got the love Jones
Bad baby

Can’t you tell?
That the love Jones
Has grabbed my Soul

Twisted it up into little pieces
And I need you
To unravel the Love Jones

I need you to answer the call
Of the Love Jones Baby

I need you
To let me be free

Of the spell
Of the Love Jones

I got the Love Jones

I got it bad
And only you can
Put a stop to the love Jones

Let me enter your life
Put out the fire of desire

Send the Love Jones packing
And let me make sweat love to you

Oh Love Jones
Go away

Let me be in peace

Love Jones
Leave me be

I got the love Jones
For you

Can’t you see?
What you do to me?

I got the Love Jones
Baby and it ain’t going away

Until I get to make love to you

Then perhaps this Love Jones
Will leave me be
Love Jones

Kim Vrs Trump Twitter War

President Kim, it is time that we cut the shit and cut a deal #Real Trump

President Trump, it is impossible for us to cut a deal unless you agree to me keeping nukes # Kim Jongun the Great

President Kim, you know that if I want I can just make you disappear. You can be wiped off the earth in a moment. We know where you live #realTrump

President Trump, we have a nuke with your name on it on a boat sailing up the Potomac and it will blow your ass up any day now so don’t fuck with us. #Kim Jongun the Great

Kim, you stupid Asian gook. Let me break it down for yah You threaten the US you die and all the North Koreans go to hell. Is it worth it? #realTrump.

Trump, You are so stupid. You are the worst excuse for a human being ever $ Kim Jongun the Great
Kim, you are the stupid mother fucker. I mean what’s up with that idiot hair cut of yours? $realTrump
Trump I would not talk about hair, you orange haired mutant mother fucker. #Kim Jongun the Great
Kim, it is all real baby and so are my wife’s boobs… #real Trump
Trump, let’s cut the crap and get down to business. How much will you pay us to get rid of the nukes? #kimJongun the Great
Kim, lets meet mano a mano and get it out on the table. No nukes no chems no bioweapons and no more political prisoners to start with #realTrump
Trump, we can discuss. As long as I can stay in power the rest is negotiable #KimJOng un the great
Finally the two of you are talking sense. About time #Xi the President of China

Why I am not a Christian Easter Thoughts

On Easter Sunday I often think about Christianity
I don’t understand why anymore would believe such nonsense

The essential story makes no sense
An imaginary all powerful deity that no one has ever seen or heard
Except for psychotic patients or Drug users
Comes down to earth and impregnates a married women

Who has never had sex for some reason
And her husband is okay with that
Believes her wild story

And still does not have sex
Until after the baby is born

Then there is total silence
Nothing about Jesus’s childhood

30 years later he emerges
Preaching love, peace and brotherhood
And denouncing the corrupt temple leaders
And the Jewish leaders as well

The miracles also don’t make any sense
In the real world you can’t turn fish into bread
Can’t walk on water
Can raise the dead etc etc

Just does not happen
In the world we live in
And has not happen since those ancient days

Then the last supper makes some sense
Jesus knows he is about to be betrayed

But he does not confront Judas
Does not run away
Does not encourage his disciplines
To run away with him

The whole Jesus Mary M story
Also does not make sense

Jesus must have been married
Or he was gay
There is no doubt
Either way the story makes no sense

The crucifixion is the only part of the story I buy
Jesus was put to death because he was a rebel leader

And the Romans tolerated no dissent
To the Roman’s right to conquer and rule

The rising from the dead stories
All contradict one another

And Jesus was either walking as a normal human being
Or was a ghost
The door was rent open as if by lightening
Or not

Finally, we have been waiting over 2,000 years for his return
You would think if the story is remotely true
He would have turned up by now

Except he has
As many lunatics claim to be Jesus
in the flesh

all delusional of course
and that is what I think of Christianity

nothing but fairy tales and mass delusions
surrounding a kernel of truth

Love one again
Treat each other right
Don’t be consumed with greed

But couldn’t that message
Be made simpler
With out all the associated nonsense?

So on this day I say
Open your minds
And discard the nonsensical elements of Christian thought
And follow the true teachings of Jesus
Even if you don’t believe in the imaginary man in the sky

Spring Time In Oregon April 18

Spring has finally sprung in Oregon
Escaping from the longer winter prison
That has covered the land with snow

They say that this winter
Was a colder than normal winter
Wetter than normal
As the long drought finally ended

As nature resumed its normal spring thaw
I rejoice

Seeing all the signs of spring
Especially the sight of young beautiful women
Shedding their winter clothes
And walking about in the spring sunshine

So wonderfully alive
So beautiful and sexy
As they sashay about
Here and there

It makes me smile
All day long

Yes I love Spring time
Everywhere in the world

But especially in Oregon
My new found second home


I often wonder about Cats
What do they think of us
It seems at time
That cats think of humans
As their slaves

We exist to feed them
To comfort them

To save them from their enemies
And to worship them

Yes cats are an alien species
Totally different from humanity
Detached, and almost evil

If we ever encounter an alien civilization
God help us if it’s a cat based civilization

We would then be engaged
In the epic mother of all wars

As cats and humans would not get along
The cats would think we were their slaves

And we would resent and fear them
And secretly worship their alien ways

Watching Cats Hunt

Early morning
Watching two white cats
Hunting a white dove

The cats hunt in pairs
Tracking the bird

The bird flies away
Safe for now

And i think about the cats
And the hunt goes on

Such is life
And the fate òf cats
And birds

Windrower, Oregon


In 1973, I went on a road trip
With my father

We left Berkeley to go to Yakima
Where my father had a summer cabin

He was a college professor
And had July and August off

And we spent the summers
Every summer from 1968 to 1978

Our whole dysfunctional family
Our annual road trip to hell and back
As we did not get along at all

We decided to drive through Eastern Oregon
Just my father and me
Just for the hell of it

The rest of the family was already there

My father and I shared a travel lust
One of the few things we shared

This was one of our best trips
We actually got along
Which was unusual

Normally our relationship
Was fraught
As we were so different

We left Klamath Falls
A real nothing burg in those days

And headed east along highway 395
As we entered the desert of eastern Oregon
We entered a different world

High mountain desert
Almost no one on the road

Then we saw the sign
Windrower Oregon
100 miles ahead

99 miles ahead
98 miles ahead

We counted down the signs
Miles after miles
As we drove into the gathering dusk

We speculated that Windrower
Must be a giant truck stop
In the middle of nowhere

We pulled into the town
Nothing there but a gas station
Motel and café

We decided to stop
Last gas for 100 miles
According to the highway signs
In the morning
We chatted with the owner

He was the sheriff, the fire chief
The owner of the motel, gas station
The only business in town

And the only place open
For one hundred miles

I noticed a highway sign outside
Welcome to Windrower, Oregon
Population 2 ½ humans 10 dogs, 50.000 sheep

I asked the Sherriff
Say who is the ½ human?

My idiot son!

And we left.
200 miles later
We finally left Eastern Oregon



In 2016 my wife and I drove through Eastern Oregon
As part of our epic cross country trip
10,000 miles
31 states in three months

On the way from Medford to Yellowstone
We drove along highway 395

The signs for Windrower was gone
And we drove through the town

The motel was abandoned
Nothing there at all

And that sign was gone too

I said I suppose the idiot son
Never took over the business

And we speculated about Windrower
And all other nothing burgs
We drove through that summer

Heart of Trump’s America

True fly over country

Berkeley California

Growing up in the 60’s
In Berkeley almost 50 years ago

I think back
At those turbulent times
Those crazy wonderful times

Berkeley is a wonderful place
In many ways

Stuck forever in 1967
A true time travel experience

Every time I go back
And relive the memories
Of the 60’s

The 60’s never died
They continue

In college towns
Across the world

And Berkeley
Remains the mecca
Of the counter cultural revolution

Many things have changed
But the organic food revolution
Became mainstream

Marijuana spread out
The sexual revolution
Became mainstream

So much of the world
Is but a reflection
Of the revolution of the 60’s

And the conservative counter-revolution
That we are still fighting

So I salute
My homeland

The center of my universe

Lithia Springs

Staying at Lithia Springs
Soaking in the healing waters
Soaking my pains away

Renewing my life
Renewing my love
As we both soak away
As the pain of life go away

And our love grows
With each soaking session

Life is good
At the hot springs water
Sooths us and smooth us

And we fall in love
Again and again


Trump wants a wall
Between America and Mexico

A wall against the southern hordes
A wall based on fear and hate

A wall to make America safe
A wall to make America great again

And yet I wonder
Will his wall fall

Like the Berlin wall
And the great wall

And all the other walls
They all failed
All of them

Walls divide us
Walls make us
Into different tribes

Between the pure
And the impure

St Reagan
Said Tear Down this Wall

Will future Presidents
Tear down this begotten wall

Or will it become a tourist attraction
Another great wall
Against barbarian hordes


I reflect upon my life
As the sun comes up

What could I have changed
What would I have changed

If I could go back in time
What would I tell my earlier self

What would I do differently
And what have I learned

The one thing
that I would not have changed
is meeting the women of my dreams

the chance meeting on a bus
that changed everything
in a moment

I met my fate
That day on the bus

And that is the end of the story

Facing Life’s Challenges Together

Woke up at 0 dark hundred
Vowing to boldly go forth

And face the challenges of the future
Without fear

Knowing that I have you there
Makes all the difference in the world
As we meet our fate
Until the day we die