Poems by Jamaal Ferguson 2017

Jamaal FergusonMy name is JAMAAL JAMES FERGUSON and I write poetry. As a young person who was raised in the Bronx, NY I was heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap music. The lyrics are what stuck out to me the most –  how one can articulate content while making it rhyme. In the hip-hop culture of NYC, we pay close attention to the words and double meanings and it wasn’t long before I started to listen to other styles of music. So I’ve been writing since ’96 but never seriously after a friend who encouraged me to write passed and I quit. Then I realized I never really quit as I would do it in my head and was still intrigued and inspired by lyrics of all styles of music. Long story short, in 2012 I realized lyrics from music is poetry and I started writing again. Now I can’t stop. I’ve tried but I just love it!

Looking sound of water

Water flows through rocks
Serene peaceful relaxing
sounds of over flow?

Painted pain

Flames dancing on candles
almost like they were snickering
judging by the shadows
on the wall
the estimate about four
two thirds of wax On the floor
the impression on a her face
was from her hand on jaw
several hours she sat
looking distant
replaying the incident
repeatedly Her movement
still almost Rembrandt
from the precise angle
beverage in cup untouched
Telling herself getup
But doesn’t it’s
not that she’s angry
She could not fathom
The character her husband
Was displaying portraying
The picture painted was pain

Imaginating Mind

I awoke early morning
rubbing my eyes
wait my stomach dropped
I think I’ve lost my mind
retracing my steps backwards
outside drunk on confidence
I stumbled in last night
when was the last time I had it?
could it be a Mandela effect?
Did I leave it on the internet?
Am I a fool?
I’m gonna go ahead and google it
I distinctly remember
clapping my hands
attempting to catch
ideas searching the
same location knowing
damn well it’s not there
all this food for thought
in the refrigerator wasted
Complacent oxymoronic
how I misplaced… it was right here!
Can’t wrap my mind around
Found it
It was in a book.

How I house information

On the third step of the porch
A clear view to the backyard
With every door in the house
air funnels swivel in pockets swirling with caprice of emotions
curtains spread like boat sails flapping
winds in the ocean
second level door intermittently closes then opens
potent aromas pierce the spirit somethings cooking possibly burning
can’t stand the heat in the kitchen
its much cooler in the basement

Subjective life

Life at its climax
is a widows peak
its only down from hair
Its a subjective subject
life is a wonderful girl
do You dear question existence
like what is the world?
what do you infer?
dance to your own beat
until your heart stops
referred to the drums snare
don’t get caught
in the musical cheers
when the onslaught disappears
all the seats are taken
only standing room here

Life at its climax is a widows peak
its only down from hair
Its a subjective subject
life is a wonderful girl
do You dear question existence
like what is the world?
what do you infer?
dance to your own beat
until your heart stops
referred to the drums snare
don’t get caught in
the musical cheers
when the onslaught disappears
all the seats are taken
only standing room here

Poetry imposed on me

I’m still here lost in a myriad of opinions
though a bit skeptical
poetry took me in
demanded my imperfections imperfections? I’m perfect
poetry started smirking
as if it already knew
put its arm around me and said we’ve got work to do

The first order of business
be original authentic Simple
but there are hundreds of
thousands of words to use poetry all the more to get people confused

Secondly don’t be afraid
to give them your pains
I don’t know if I’m ready
to deal with the shame
you have any idea
what they might say?
I have every idea and conceived notion
you think you are the first
to whom I have spoken? taught? Engaged with?
lad I’m part reason
we’re not in dark ages

The third tip for today is
Training practice focus
Don’t become complacent
Do your homework
Be attentive
with all that I’ve mention
Make sure you
Do it all with good intentions
Thank You Poetry
I understand my mission
Use my lessons to lessen
And bring it back to the essence

The Ba/ance

If ever in a dark place understand that’s where they find diamonds
with flaws and all
it’s still a diamond
beauty grows from dirt
water is filtered by rocks
The pain of birth
We all come from
a dark place
Stars glimmer
between dark spaces
if you heard something
Great you can
gather what’s bad
serves you right
Finally obtained
what you’ve never had
High without low
Is low
the Red Sea is blue
But you’d never know
Without comparison
We can never
enjoy the positive

Of Cross

A cross resembles a sword in stone
Yielded the power concealed unleashed
Capable to defeat any oppositional feat
Consecrated beliefs
Concentrated to reach
All all those that seek
Introspective peace
For the sake of all
Symbolic the cross
Tantamount to naught
Represents relief
when you think
Of grief, eloping
and Christmas Eve
Hope faith
all good things

First victory second wind

Without the wind
Still waters
suffocating seas
Airless oceans
shoals exposed
Islands unable to breath
blue gulf strangle hold
blockade peninsulas upstreams turning tides
undercurrent slides
choking continent
onshore maybe
vacuumed oxygen
vacant wondering
wonderfully gasp
Grasping dying
to catch breathe
Then a gust
Second wind

We all write

Everyone is author of
history together we
Compose the greatest story
It’s all right

Sentiment cinnamon


   hot apple cider

   as it contributes
  A hint of it is like
A tip A dialectic flavor
Pronounce accent
Stands out a teaspoon
  Will deceive you

    S p r i n k l e
   Just Enough to please

What’s that word?

The tip of my tongue
At this point
Not one to bite it
That thing when you like
And want but unobtainable
Lead to believe attained
Insatiable intrinsic palatable
Zealot for the feeling
Indifference opposed opinions
Never the less more desire
Guess the answers first line down

All right wrong

No mistakes made
Correct always not wrong
Can’t compare to human to err
Weight oops

The Key Note

As grand as its stature
graceful hands
produce classic
captured in all its
elegance and lavish
transmutation of madness
therapeutic apparatus
A correct combination
capable to unlock
moments of solitude
hitherto Insoluble
invaluable as the
energy travels through
the magnitude
you could say
is instrumental
one two step
influences the tempos
mood attuned
keynote be gentle
in the shadows
the stroke percuss
gives rise when struck
in that wise knowings
Not relevant
Silent eyes
play it by ear
It’s wood finish
Is polished the
reflection is clear

Autumn equinox

Autumn falls
on the end of summer
equinox parallel paradox
equal night half day
yin and yang lil good lil bad
balance apex the variance
doesn’t vary very intermediate
the median
is from jocular to serious
the emotional mood taken
in this seasonal transfer
summer to fall
scope and scale
a libra astrological sign of
an astronomical nominal
you’ll discover it’s between
logic and illogical
yes or no?
either is probable not
hot or cold lukewarm
not in or out of the room
the threshold in the middle
of bold and courage
considerable enough to
consider maybe
all what comes to mind
Even existence of that
Night and day piece

Eternally internal

Lost in the catacombs of thought
found the best treasure
the anatomy clever
you can’t see what’s
in front of your eyes
that’s your nose
what underlies that
makes no sense no scent
you can’t even smell
your own breath
yet the tongue is the most
powerful tool you
can never watch how you use
listen its eerie
if I went deaf could
I still hear me
think tastefully absurd
never tasted one nasty word
when I spit it
it goes with out saying
unheard vivid unimaginable living
livid that we all try to be different
individually internal all body’s mimic

Palimpsestic state

Free writings ruff drafts
foot notes and research
scatter thoughts a ball of yarn search engine oblivion
an enigma word puzzle
novelty to novels
sticky notes and marble notebooks composite
books loose leaf
ball points and fountains
pencils and sharpeners
printers and typing
a mirage a collage
informational barrage
strewn all about
an authors first bout
Composes and gathers
Sleep rather
no time disparage
Revise edit
Structural merit
The body effaced
Order rearranged
Chapters replaced
Extra ordinary erased
From ok to great
Somewhat resembles
The original make
Palimpsestic state

Mind, myself and eye

Maybe my eyes are seducing my mind
the peripheral guise
a nebulous design
reveals itself every so often can’t circumvent
ID nor pin point it
am I seeing things?
close my eyes
expecting relief
still seeing these
mind created thoughts
in disbelief
my mind and my eyes
aren’t seeing eye to eye
and I’m caught in the middle like a bullseye
playing second fiddle
both want to be captain
of the see
it’s tearing me up
as I want to cry
perhaps mind is intrigued
by eyes views
tough to interpret
From what eye understands
it has first dibs
mind nothing seen
half is true
what you thought
you seen saw only
I can confirm the
other half I do.

Beach whim

The aromas of the seaside/
Seagulls squealing
frantic as they fly/
flocking across baby blu skies/grey shingled roofs tops
off white window frames/
and maroon side walls
that maroon 5 song/
she will be loved
always reminds/
me of those 5 days
and 4 nights/
as the sun sets
the stars vibe/
analogous to the
twinkle of her eye/
so suspenseful
anxious to suspend time /
as I stand alone
on the balcony/
she slides the
screen door open
and comes out with me/
lovely view of the beach
wines and speak/
felt like forever
though it was transiently/


Home not where the crowns laid
nor sat of thrown
”tis not merely a structure
inferred comfort zone
it’s the creation of ones own
situations golden moments
frozen capsuled home is
can be
Dissonance insignificance
with you significant other
arguably harmony
Home is where the heart is
art is in heart
incased in chest
a treasure
the keynotes equivocal
home is lineage
that’s just a house
home is housing the spirit
is as we move about
Attentive student appraisal
of worth on earth doing research
executing the homework

My perfect gate away

No man stands alone
so I sit
and postulate
into an infinite abyss
don’t take it out of context
the gates to the
Astro plane is complex
different levels of living
tunnel vision
no light at the end
it’s bright within
spirit or soul insidious
I traverse the globe
with my eyes closed vivid
idolize the idealism
a wide open prison
where your free
to go no where synthetic
broke the laws of physics
it doesn’t matter
the universe in its whole
resembles an atom
the gateway was
over my head
I needed the ladder
pursuit included pain
seek truth
in its entirety
laid in plain view
if you didn’t know
how could you knew
no worries I’ll gate away regardless
these words are magical
I’m an escape artist poof…

Look in all its glory you see?
utterly in awe
of what stands before we
words at a lost for them
its breath taking
landscaping at skies end
The sun plays peek a boo
with the moon over the horizon
mountain clouds hiding
what an a-ray for it portrays
new born colors
when the moon sees the sun
get a glimpse of it’s face
blushing almost
in a shinning sought of way
it glows
partial eclipse crescent
when full blown
expressive through presence
compliment the complement
it goes
without saying
imbued ecstatically sedated
an overwhelmingly kind of relaxation
captured with a phone
no need of explanations