Resistance really is futile! I spent much of my life resisting the way the world operates: a seemingly impervious place where people are in general, ground down. But I haven’t won peace of mind that way. I’ve learned that the only way for me to have peace is to embrace another old saying: “be in the world, but not of it.”

And this is where I’ve found incredible challenge! After all, how can one walk through the world without being “of it”?  I had to turn inward and learn who, exactly, am I? The secret to cracking open the code of an appearance of outer darkness lies here – in my spirit. for me, it is the only frontier.

After more than thirty years of exploring what I am, let me lay my resistance at your feet: if you like, please bless me for courage, and in doing so, know you bless yourself. It’s amazing, this discovery, that holiness, happiness & wholeness are the same. And they lie in a country beyond the mirage of the ego and its tool: resistance. You see, in the end, what I had to face is that it isn’t the world that wants to grind me down; it’s just my mirror. And to have peace, I simply have to offer it.