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Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Excerpt from Midwinter Spring by Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Stephanie participated in our April 2014 Poem-A-Thon. A poem written by each participant appeared in our Summer 2014 Digital Issue. Download and read all the participants’ poems. I had stayed too long. Pluto’s arms were cold...
marguerite bouvard

Celebrating Diversity

At a time when our new government is undermining rather than celebrating our diversity, both cultural and especially religious, I had a new book published "Social Justice and the Power of Compassion." It reveals...
Anneliese Schultz

Excerpt from May 21 by Anneliese Schultz

Annaliese’s poem appears in our Spring 2016 Digital Issue. A poem by her sister, Virginia Schultz, who participated in our April 2016 Poem-A-Thon also appears in this issue. Read both sisters poems and the entire...

Dec. 20th | Tiferet Talk Interview with Lesléa Newman

Please join us on Wednesday December 20th for an interview with the author of Heather Has Two Mommies, Lesléa Newman. More details to follow. For more information on our guest please visit:

Oct 18 | Tiferet Talk Interview with Martin Moran

Please join us on Wednesday October 18th for an interview with Martin Moran. More information to follow.    

Aug 23 | Tiferet Talk interview with Khadijah Queen

Please join us on August 23rd for an interview with poet Khadijah Queen. More information to follow. For more information on our guest please visit:


The Purpose of Life is Self-Realisation, or God-Realisation. This human body has been given to you. This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe. All Other Work you do, will not work. Join the Saadh...
Ami Kaye

Excerpt from A Little Nightmusic by Ami Kaye

The following poem appears in our January 2014 Digital Issue. Download the full issue to read the rest of Ami’s poem. Her sheer veil streams in a pale mist, the crimson lahenga, whirls around her running form, she...

Excerpt from Scribe by Edward Hamlin

This story appears in our February 2016 Digital Issue. The entire issue is available for download. …Collecting pens has become a bit of a hobby—he and Emily have hunted for them at antique stores and...

Change Your Luck!

The rabbis have a wonderful saying about moving to a new home, which loosely translates from the Hebrew as "change your place, change your luck!" I've considered this tidbit of Jewish wisdom often during the...