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Do you wonder where in the world your story might be welcome or if belonging will always be out of reach? Are you weary of the ugly ways we treat each other and ourselves?
I’m Megan and I can relate. My dad once told me that, as long as he’d known me, I could be found “gathering strays.” The cat that regularly wandered into our yard, the girl sitting by herself in the middle-school lunchroom – I knew how it felt to be lost, out of place, a misfit.

But I also know how it feels it to be so serious all the time. Heavy. Like World’s End is imminent, especially if I stepped over a single piece of litter instead of picking it up. I’m a writer, theologian and psychology groupie who craves a better world and who believes the best way to get there from our intensifying, dizzying one is connection, creativity and play.

My fiction, essays and poetry centers experiences of isolation – homelessness, mental and emotional distress, alienation from the natural world, disability – in hopes of holding space for these and other ways we feel cut off from others. I write about the various ways I’ve personally felt like an outsider – socially, relationally, emotionally, in my own family.

I don’t focus on the dark to sound the alarm – there’s enough of that elsewhere – but because I believe it is worthy of more than cheap grace. The way you motivate people to save the earth is not by explicating, however eloquently, all its problems or shouting and wringing our hands but by reminding us who are made of it that it is beautiful.