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About Me

I began my writing career as a newspaper reporter in San Francisco, then in a fit of youthful folly joined the Special Forces to write a book about war. A WORLD OF HURT won a Rinehart Foundation Award for its portrayal of the psychological roots of war: the emotional blockage and need for patriarchal approval that draw men to the military.

CD-RING, a young-adult novel, is the story of a boy learning first hand about the futility of violence and the need for peaceful communication.

SUMMER SNOW, tells of an American warrior in Central Asia who falls in love with a Sufi Muslim and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality.

My new book, RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War, presents the experiences of peace activists in the USA, Europe, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It’s a journey along diverse paths of nonviolence, the true stories of people working for peace in unconventional, often spiritual ways. A German edition, DAS ENDE DER KRIEGE, is published by Jesbin Verlag.

In addition to writing I’m an adjunct professor of American studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany and a teacher with the Transcendental Meditation program. A selection of my writing is available at http://www.peacewriter.org.