Excerpt from The Tobin Bridge by Kevin Carey


The following poem appears in our Summer 2016 digital issue. Read the rest of Kevin’s poem and the entire issue.

I have friends who are afraid
of crossing bridges.
It panics them to drive
with the world spreading out
on either side of them.

I know this fear, like so many
of my own, it is linked
to the worst of our imagination.

I have a recurring dream
about driving on a suspended
bridge, arched with a deck
over the ocean,

the more I drive in the dream,
the steeper it gets, until my car
is almost upside down, and
always, just before it flips, I wake.

Kevin CareyKEVIN CAREY is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Salem State University. He has published three books: a fiction chapbook, The Beach People (Red Bird Chapbooks; 2014), and two books of poetry from Cavankerry Press, The One Fifteen to Penn Station (2012) and Jesus Was a Homeboy (Sept 2016). Kevin is also a documentary filmmaker and a seventh grade basketball coach. For more, visit kevincareywriter.com.