Little Dove, Darling Butterfly


Little dove, I can think
 of a thousand reasons

why I could say
, this tree is not your home


But the stars above
 would passionately disagree

noting every time you are near
, the way you glow

is as if
 the heavens had given you a big kiss


Darling butterfly,
 I felt ten thousand breezes

before you took your first breath

and every one carried the longing

for a forgotten touch


But I am content for now
 with your passing pauses

and the light swirls
 that echo from your wing-beats

as you hover to drink
 droplets of morning dew

from my crinkled and shivering leaves


In time I will have sweet nectar blooms

But would you nestle in my branches
 during darker days

if I make them cozy and covered

from sweeping snows?


The sky’s reflection gleams

in beads I keep among green folds

and my branches swing in the wind

stirring the waves of your spirit

like a river imparting the ocean

with its first fresh drink


In your every twist and turn in the sky

some ancient language is penned 

and though words cannot capture your thought

I have a hundred thousand surfaces and a million veins

to discern their meaning


Little dove, darling butterfly

I love how you see my branches

like the neurons of your own mind

how you mark my musings

as your connection to earth and sky