NOVEMBER 16, 2010

Hi everyone. I am so happy with the growth that is occurring in the Tiferet community. And truly thankful that you are a key part of this
community. Please speak up here on the site – or to me directly at dbswriter@gmail.com – if you have ideas
for ways TIFERET can continue to serve you.

Our new website will include many more opportunities for you to write, learn, socialize. You’ll be able to communicate with a well-known
featured spiritual author during each month. (We hope this will start in
February 2011 with Dr. Bernie Siegel.). You can sign in for our monthly Virtual
Author Teas on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Donna-Baier-Stein-on-Words-Spirit-You/152885978061697?ref=ts
. Our first Virtual Author Tea featured novelist Caroline Leavitt. You can find
the discussion on the facebook page under discussions.

Melissa Studdard has done some wonderful BlogTalk Radio shows with Ed Hirsch, Julia Cameron, Jude Rittenhouse, and most recently
Jeffrey Davis of www.centertopage.com
on yoga and writing. You can listen to these recorded talks on the home page.

Our website is still being redesigned – I’ll let you know as soon as it is ready.

Another thing that has caught my interest is a question I posed on www.facebook.com/thetiferetjournal.com. I asked people to list their favorite
spiritual writers. We got a number of responses. I’d love to hear your choices
as well. Simply respond to this blog if you’d like to be part of this project.
We hope to publish a fuller list in 2011.

Please continue to post your poems, blogs, etc. Our website is a salon for conversation on the benefits and even challenges of interfaith
cooperation…. on writing from the truth we find deep within our own being… and
a place for you to read, write, think, meditate, pray. To feel part of a global
community – and yes Tiferet is becoming incredibly and wonderfully global! –
interested in world peace, in spiritual development, in writing as deep art.

Again, thank you so much for being here. I also encourage you to consider giving a small donation to help our publication and programs. We are applying for
501c3 status but truly do need financial support. Any amount you can give will
be appreciated and your name will be listed on our website and in our

Thank you.


Donna Baier Stein