Poems by Jamaal James Ferguson 2018

Jamaal FergusonMy name is JAMAAL JAMES FERGUSON. I write poetry do to its therapeutic nature. I usually write from the inside out to unravel the confusion of the soul. Although poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, do to my roots in hip-hop being a Bronx New York native, it’s engraved in the DNA of my work. Words are magic and can have a lifelong lingering influence upon those who choose to enter void of bias. Sit back relax and enjoy the journey for it will never be again!!!


It’s no fair

I’m afraid I fear
Not what you may think
What you suppose
Scarce is my scare
Shall it occur I’m grasping
To a concept that never
Can happen
Dilapidated is the structure
That plateaued long ago
The mechanism is broke
I wander wondering why I don’t
Remembered feeling
The pulsating adrenaline
I fear I could never feel again
The tension suspension
Heart raging against
The rib cage like
A trapped slave
Thoughts pinballing
Around the brain
If I can catch one
I would have something to say
But I can’t
thus stuck in a trance
Those were the days
At a glance
I misbehave
Lost the art of the act
I’m not surprise what I fear
Makes no sense
Like a robot with flesh
Guised I guessed it
Formed over time
Windows are open just look
In my eyes

The seed of Rose

God Don’t like ugly
so hence the name Jamaal
Named after silk
Late 70’s showtime
Playing with magic
That’s why it’s spelled
With two
Warrior for the golden state
Defended LA
On the tube fell in love
The first day
Thy name the one my momma
Hello my name is Jamaal
The seed of Rose

Grave error
I was dead wrong
I’m a poem created by pencil
in the hand of god
it’s a no brainer
I’m stupid
once I listened to my eyes analyzed

Senseless Words

Taste, touch, sight, smell, sound?
Try not to notice the nonsense
Distracted by words
Because You can feel them
It’s senseless
The way your words touch
Left with a bad taste in mouth
Trying to understand these words
How do I pronounce?
Sound it out
They’re pronounced
the way some
Words stand out
Formulate and construct
Visualize what’s been said
Word cemetery Buried deep in head
At a lost of words
Watch words bring life
The continuous cycle
Spread like a germ
The journey is it all
That’s the only concern
The smell of victory
When conquering

Insomniac niche

I don’t sleep I dream awake
In a simulation I assimilate
What ever was is and will be
All which I couldn’t believe
So tired am I being deceived?
Is my mind playing tricks
As soon as I see the back of my lids
I see the ceiling
I can’t help but shake that feeling
Of counting down the minutes
For nine hours I tried to retire
Tiredness is a liar I should be sleep
For when I close my eyes all I can do is think
And think and think
Pondering how much I would love to sleep
Restless on my behalf has been perfected
I’m an expert
if not sleeping was my job
I would never lose work
And when I get to work
All I can think about is sleep
Insomnia is a niche

Isolation the final frontier 

Isolation is not a thing to me
Surrounded crowded by thoughts
Alarming how calm
In the middle like psalms
It sings to me

The melody lingers
So many souls inside
Of this sole survivor
So many pieces inside
This mental Macgyver
It brings peace to me

Engulfed in energies power
That should destroy, devour
It’s like Ive been put on time out
What a relief to me

Foreign lands beyond
Drifting spirits
geometric pyramids
All from the depths of my mind
What a thing to see

Ignored with attention to detail
Phenomena and feels
A whole new world that appeals
Discovered a new rhetoric field
No speech to be

I’m Anticipation

Hello my name is
I’ve been waiting
Waiting for the next unit
Of time
all though it’ll never arrive
I’m anxiously patient
Back and forth pacing
I’m “Anticipation”
Desperately wanting
To meet a new increment
a desperate measured instrument
I’m watching
As the next second lay dormant
The past is enormous
I can’t remember the future
Hoping this was a phase
Its been several thousand
Million days
Sun up to sun down
It’s never changed
I’m “Anticipation”
Like a child on Christmas Eve
The manipulation of speed
To a crawl it seems
Switch the environment
Scene a-new backdrop
Exchange of vicinity
I was Anticipation
Until I realized I was infinity

Sirens Blare

Sirens blare they pierce the air
Decibel levels pierce your ear
Like ear rings the way air rings
You can sought of kinda see the ripples
Bounce continuously or go forever On
where there are no boundaries
Fish out of water floundering
The siren shutters
All stop ,look, listen, stutter
In route to where
Mock in minds the terrible
The inevitable
Hope all is well with you
We don’t even know you
Sirens blare they pierce the air
Decibels levels pierce your ear
Like ear rings the way air rings
It’s amazing that thing between the ear

Night, ours

Night hours
Night owls
Good morning
Still night
1 to 2
Loud quiets
The tv seems
Louder in silence
Dropped volume
Not able to think
Thinking to much
Birchwood night stand
Steam ascends from a
List of to do’s on top is a pen
The lights dim candle lights glim
Flicker at every toss of the wind
Shadows on the walls look like
Abstract cartoons
Burning the midnight oil
Trying to upstage the moon

Humming bird?

Humming birds
Hums with there
Up above
Before I could
Identify what it was
I look up it was gone

The new old me
Waking up new
That first breath
It was first
Fragrance of the
New sun risen
Previously to never existing
Arms out reached
new heights
Out stretched
Toward the ceiling
tight lids
Slowly ajar
This morning
Was different
Dusk to dawn
Was uniformed
Strangely enough
I appreciated
The alarm
Staring at the wall
Head leveraged
By hand
Just discovered
How happy
I would Be
An old man

opposite oppose it
oppose it
Negative positive
Permission prerogative
Exactly Miscellaneous
Patiently instantaneous
Arrogant gratitude
Longitude latitude
Linear Labyrinth
Aggressive passiveness
Articulate babbling
Oranges apples and
Detachable attachments
Strata classless
Velcro patches
Solemn laughter
Neophyte master
A silent poem
Silence speaks volumes
You can hear it in the distance
All look
for it
as the tree falls
In the forest
Secretly kept
It’s looks aren’t
Understandingly seen
As golden
To brake
What we all
Desire mutually
Peace of mine
Exchange a slice
Crickets compete
With silence every night
Birds by dawn
When you think
you found It
your mind gets gone
Even if you read this
It’s a silent poem
Her love lost
Recent slight
With Her glare
Make Body collapse
Regain flame?
Share cloud?
Two did.
The whole “part” Theory
The whole entirety
Synergy the sum of all
Minus one
it’s just some thing
It doesn’t add up
equals Combined
Yet the entirety of
The piece is important
The part it plays
The ingredient
The recipe without
Is expedient
Do flowers sleep?
Plant, cultivate, harvest
Manifest your best
Through the hardest days
Do not be perturbed
hung on the door knob
Of your soul
do not disturb
evening windows
Blinds closed soft
Rest as beautiful
As a bed of roses
Seize the moment
War with time
Blooming rise
Arose interrupted
By morning peace

Pedals in the sand

Miles of beach
Runs along the coast
It still doesn’t seem fit
Wishing it was acres,
Meadows, fields,
A sea of grass
As far as the I can see
When I view pedals in the sand
The pedals, just the pedals
Reminds me of the mid western

The Sand makes me angry
It represent drought
It’s in my shoes some how
all over my clothes
Each grain
Helps me count
the ways
I miss home
The trees sprout
Green plush
Silent creams
Flowers in the sand
Why’d you leave us

Lucid techniques

Battle fields and tanks
Skies are red
Without a word
Spinning vortex
Suggesting I jump in
I’m at a stand still
No face people
with hooded robes
Run down are my clothes
That’s when I realize
My eyes are closed
This is lucid
Once I thought
Then I moved stuff
Rearranged the scene
Sitting on a bench
In front a 12 story
Just relaxing

Still Waters

Sleeping river bed
Still quiet smooth fresh made bed
After the floods force