Poetry Festival in New Jersey | A Celebration of Literary Journals


Poetry Festival: A Celebration of Literary Journals

Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 1:00 to 5:00 PM

West Caldwell Public Library

30 Clinton Road, West Caldwell, NJ 07006




1:30-1:40—Lips: Linda Cronin, Jim Gwyn

1:40-1:50—Tiferet: Mark Hillringhouse, Linda Radice

1:50-2:00—US 1 Worksheets: John McDermott, Sharon Olson

(20 minute break)

2:20-2:30—Raintown Review: Rachel Hadas, Rick Mullin

2:30-2:40—Schuylkill Valley Review: Grant Clauser, Sean Webb

2:40-2:50—Journal of NJ Poets: Tina Kelley, Charlotte Mandel

(20 minute break)

3:10-3:20—Edison Literary Review: Deborah LaVeglia, David Vincenti

3:20-3:30—Paterson Literary Review: Susan Balik, Francesca Maxime

3:30-3:40—Painted Bride Quarterly: Miriam Haier, Susanna Rich

(20 minute break)

4:00-4:10—Adanna: David Crews, Lynee McEniry

4:10-4:20—Exit 13: Jessica deKoninck, Adele Kenny

4:20-4:30—The Stillwater Review: Robert Carnevale, Madeline Tiger


Book Sales

Books will be available for purchase and signing

Full schedule and Directions available at: http://www.dianelockward.com/fest.html 

Be sure to visit our Tiferet table!