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We strongly urge you to read an issue of TIFERET to increase your chance of acceptance. Order a print issue here or an online issue here. We would also greatly appreciate your joining our global reader Community and subscribing to our Journal (4 issues a year).

We do depend on revenue received from subscriptions and Patron Pledges to help finance our publications and programs. TIFERET editors also now offer manuscript evaluations. Email for details.

What we look for in submissions

Fiction: We interpret the word “spiritual” broadly. First, we seek well-written stories, pure and simple, that engage us in some small pocket of humanity. The first page will tell us if the writer has a command of story, of character drive, of description, of language & syntax & voice. Or not. And we’re fans of imagination in fiction, so let yours emerge in the stories you send us. We’re not necessarily interested in religious-oriented stories, nor are we interested in sermons disguised as stories or as stories with overt religious “messages.” NOTE: We only accept and publish previously unpublished work. Limit 15-20 pages.

Nonfiction: We like to publish essays and interviews that shed light on personal experiences of grappling with the invisible… or different aspects of spiritual traditions. Our readers like to learn about different cultures and a writer’s unique journey. Clear, concise writing with good concrete visual detail is required. NOTE: We only accept and publish previously unpublished work. Limit 15-20 pages.

Poetry: TIFERET receives a huge volume of poetry submissions, of which only a small percentage are accepted. We look for the highest quality poems that display mastery of content and craft. Technical proficiency is extremely important, along with clear expression of various aspects of the human spirit. We do not accept poetry that is self-consciously “religious.” We publish poems with striking imagery and strong sonic impression, and we look for engaging voices that do more than simply tell a story or display intellectual cleverness. Emily Dickinson wrote, “If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.” This is how the poems we publish make us feel! Send only your very best work. NOTE: We only accept and publish previously unpublished work.

Art and Photography: We seek original art and photography which in some way captures the spiritual or contemplative in a visual representation. You must own the copyright to your work. If it has appeared elsewhere we require permission from the original publisher for us to reproduce it. Please submit your work  as a jpg Image or OmniPage Image no smaller than 640×840 pixels and no larger than 2400×1600.

Again, it is strongly advised that you read an issue or two of TIFERET before submitting work.

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