The Nothing – by John Vallone


What is the body? A device, a tool, a vehicle. A nuisance, a distraction, an annoyance, a piece of beauty, or a horrible creation by the split mind. An illusion, an error, there are so many I could go on and on etc. infinite.

So, the question is what one believes in. For what you do believe is your truth. And so, one that does not have a firm direction in their beliefs can be swayed many a times with different beliefs.

I used to believe that my body was a curse, when I was young and clumsy and found my cloths not to fit properly and was embarrassed by it. Then in time I believed my body to be a healthy living thing I was starting to enjoy. As time moved along it became something altogether different, it became nothing. What is nothing, no thing, is my body a thing, the body, again what is it? A piece of impermanence, a temporary home for the soul, for the mind, for the darkness of the universe. I prefer now to consider it nothing, paying very little attention to it as only to walk me through and around this existence, peace.