Tiferet Tifs

Tiferet Journal is excited to announce our next theme for: 

Tiferet Tifs postWhile a “tiff” is defined as a “petty argument”, a “Tif” is anything but petty—it is a short exploration of a deeply meaningful subject.

Our next “Tiferet Tifs” theme is “The Body”— please send us up to 200 words in prose form, investigating your own relationship with this timely, powerful word. Poetry will not be considered. You may submit more than one Tif, but must do so in separate submissions.

For this special edition of Tiferet Tifs we will be publishing selected pieces on our website for our entire community to enjoy. As always, those not selected are welcome to post their Tifs on our blog. We will also be publishing selected Tifs in a future issue of Tiferet.

The deadline for “The Body” is November 30th.

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