“One of the top journals in the country. From its mesmerizing art cover through page after page of deeply satisfying prose and poetry, Tiferet offers the finest from writers and artists throughout the world.”
—Julie Maloney, Author and Director of Women Reading Aloud

“I love Tiferet, and we need more spaces and pauses for spiritual reflection from all traditions”
—A. Marcott-Thottunkal

“Thank you for this journal which combines spiritual issues, imaginative issues, aesthetic issues. All of those, I think, need to be in the mix for the richly lived life, the richly observed life.”
—Molly Peacock, former President of the Poetry Society of America

“This cause is close to my heart. Break down the walls of identification thrust upon us by religion, culture, politicians, leaders etc… there should be only compassion, peace and love in this world.”
—A. Hosalkar

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Autumn/Winter 2019 Issue

Latest TIFERET Journal Excerpts & Featured Posts

Excerpt from review of Jane Ebihara’s A Reminder of Hunger and Wings

The following review by Tiferet Poetry Editor Adele Kenny of Jane Ebihara's A Reminder of Hunger and Wings appears in our Fall/Winter 2019 issue. Purchase this...
Michelle Cameron

Excerpt from Technological Daffodils by Michelle Cameron

The following poem appears in our Spring/Summer 2019 issue. The entire issue is available in print or digital format. With one click Wordsworth eviscerates his inner eye able...
Marie Elizabeth Mali

Excerpt from Without Longing, How to Make Beautiful the Song? by Marie Elizabeth Mali

The following poem appears in our Fall/Winter 2018 issue. The single issue is available for purchase in print or digital format. Anywhere you drop the needle on my heart’s...
peter and jamy faust

Excerpt from Constellating World Peace, One Family At A Time by Jamy and Peter...

The following essay appears in our Autumn/Winter 2019 issue. Purchase this single issue in print or digital format to continue reading the Faust's essay and more. There are many...

Excerpt from Outside Grenoble by Jennifer Barber

The following poem was the 2019 Tiferet Writing Contest Winner for Poetry and will appear in our Fall/Winter 2019 issue. Subscribe today to receive it and...

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Light, Radiance, Splendor. A Novel by Leah Chyten
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The Constellation Approach by Jamy & Peter Faust