Episode 46: Chard DeNiord


Please join Melissa Studdard and Tiferet Journal  for a conversation with fabulous poet, essayist and creative writing professor Chard deNiord.

Chard DeNiord’s poetry collections include Asleep in the Fire,  Sharp Golden ThornNight Mowing,  and The Double Truth as well as a collaborative project,  Speaking in Turn.

DeNiord was the founder and director of the Spirit and Letter Workshop with Jacqueline Gens in Patzquaro, Mexico and the founder and director of the New England College MFA Program in Poetry. He currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Providence College.

In addition to teaching writing, deNiord has also taught comparative religions and philosophy and holds a Master of Divinity from Yale. As well, deNiord has conducted many interviews with senior American poets. Many of these interviews are collected in the book Sad Friends, Drowned Lovers, Stapled Songs, which also includes essays.


To learn more about Chard deNiord please visit: http://charddeniord.com/



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