12 Words of Holy Days Issue of TIFERET


12 Words of Holy Days Issue of TIFERET

The imagination plays vividly in the holiday season’s dance between light and dark, spirit and the material world. So, this year we want fiction stories that touch on, delve into, twist, or flash on the holy day season for a special December issue of TIFERET. Light & darkness, family friction, and Hanukkah hell are all game.  We want stories that make us wonder what makes a day holy or that explore what makes this time of year particularly fraught with high emotions and tender moments that grant us insight into the human condition and into holy days. Or take your own spin.

We’re not seeking flat-out sentimentality, nostalgia, proselytizing, religious propaganda, rants on consumerism, poetry, memoir, grand epiphanies, or personal accounts.

We are seeking well written stories. Fiction. Give us your imagination’s and spirit’s best shot.

And here’s the thing. You can enter in one of two categories only:

12 Words: That’s right. You only get 12 words, one for each month of the year, to capture a story. 12 words. No more. No less.

1200 Words: For the longer version, 1200 words is the maximum. Not a word over.

Why 12?
The number has its timely sacred value. 12 months and 12 moons. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 disciples of Christ. 12 petals for the heart chakra lotus. 12 knights of Arthur’s Round Table. 12 signs of the Western and of the Chinese zodiacs. 12 notes in Pythagorasus’s conception of the musical universe. 12 hours times 2 in a day.

We will publish the issue on 12/24/11.

Submission guidelines:
* Submit one fictional short story. Please submit to the proper category (12 Words or 1200 Words) when you go to our submission manager.

* Any stories over the required length in each category will be automatically rejected.

* Submit no later than midnight EST on December 12, 2011.

* By all means, if you don’t subscribe to TIFERET, please at least review a past online issue to see what kind of fiction we publish.

This is a small representation of the high-quality writings you’ll find in every issue of TIFERET.

We receive no outside funding and rely on digital issues, workshop fees, and donations to publish. If you enjoy our journal’s verbal and visual offerings, we hope you’ll consider supporting us in one of these ways.

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