Episode 41: Krista Tippett


Join Melissa Studdard and Tiferet Journal for a conversation with author, journalist, producer, and talk show host Krista Tippett about her non-fiction works Speaking of Faith and Einsteins Godand her radio program, On Being.

Speaking of Faith is a memoir of religion in our time and covers Tippett’s move from geopolitical engagement to theology and the cumulative wisdom of her interviews. Of Speaking of Faith, Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Her intelligence is like a salve for all who have been wounded or marginalized by the God Wars.”

Tippett’s program On Being is currently broadcast on more than 200 public radio stations in the United States and globally via NPR Worldwide, its website, and its podcast. Tippett has described her work with the program as “tracing the intersection between great religious ideas and human experience, between theology and real life.”

Tippet holds a history degree from Brown and a Masters of Divinity from Yale, and she has served as a freelance foreign correspondent (reporting and writing for The Times, Newsweek, the BBC, the International Herald Tribune, and Die Zeit) and chief aide in Berlin to the U.S. ambassador to West Germany.


To learn more about our guest Krista Tippett: http://www.onbeing.org/


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