A Different Perspective


I recently attended a work conference for web professionals and had the pleasure of meeting a blind man. He was there to educate people about web tools to enhance the user experience for the visually impaired. I asked him to tell me his story and he graciously did. He wasn’t always blind and seemed to be so grateful for that. He had an optic nerve disease that gradually took away his sight.  He was able to drive up until the age of 24, but then gave that up.  He is completely dark in one eye and can see some shadows in the other.

His wife and service dog Ruffus were seated graciously by his side to help during the presentation. What a team they were and they’ll never know what a difference they made in my day and my life. Seeing the extraordinary challenges that people face, especially physical, helps me to take the focus off of me and my seemingly huge problems. The ability of the human being to adapt to changing circumstances always amazes me.  What struck me most was his ability to turn a forseeably tragic circumstance into an opportunity to raise awareness and educate professionals in the web world about an important topic.

Everyone on this planet has their own unique purpose and journey to travel and it’s so encouraging to witness a human who has overcome an adversity and thrived in the face of it. What a blessing…

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