A Message to Myself (and anyone who dislikes fear)


In one of my grade school classrooms we had a plant that shriveled when touched by one of us. That is a picture for what the touch of fear does to life. We react to the fear by withdrawing into ourselves and then still attempt to thrive in our wrinkly state.

No one I know wants to be touched by death or its cronies called rejection, failure, self-loathing, or dis-ease. The problem is that when we shrivel into ourselves these experiences  always seem just outside the door, and we do not have enough vitality to do anything but hold the door closed.

I suggest, instead of trying to keep “bad” things out, you focus on making your inner and outer environment a greenhouse – or a hot house for cactus if that’s you’re preference. If you are focused on living a full life (maintaining your personal greenhouse) it will be so much easier to share and be open, rather than “hold on to” for survival.

Even in our world of lightening fast change and disruption, it is possible to put your attention on life and on finding ways to let your self thrive. A cared-for life is not about becoming your (or others) idea of success, or about becoming more spiritual. It is about enjoying life, rather than shriveling out of fear. And, its about helping everyone else do the same.

Part of maintaining my greenhouse is giving myself time to write. Now I’m off to toast my favorite bread, grace it with butter and jam, and savor every bite.

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