A New Story of Our Lives


The time is now.. for a new spiritual story of our lives. We are adolescence at the beginning of a shift toward awakened maturity, in a transitional stage of physical and mental human development. Each and every one of us will cultivate the emergence of awakening within ourselves.

What does this new expansion in spiritual consciousness look like? Well, we have to first stop thinking linearly and look at our spiritual self as a panorama of multifaceted aspects. We are all interconnected, you and I, so this is a planetary story that is building momentum. A story of interactions between relational humans with integration of emotion and cognitive energy, all calling for a shift toward higher consciousness. This coming together can only be accomplished through increased spirituality.

If we look deeply within and I mean going into our core aspect we find the transparency of our own energy. That is a love story. Integrity is the natural state of being when there is unity with our true being. We act with no motive or wants only to be honest and true to our wholeness.

Look at a few facets this spiritual expansion will touch and you begin to experience the panoramic development of our love.

  • Education toward becoming a whole being
  • Conscious parenting
  • Balancing our spiritual self with our cognitive self.
  • Healing communities and letting go of past pains and suffering.
  • Inclusion for all.
  • Deep respect and caring for each other and our earth.
  • Archetypical expansion toward unity
  • Mindfulness of our actions and the reactions produced.

We live in a turbulent world with many escalating external energies creating a complexity to our daily lives. This is our reality and we process these energies coming toward us in many ways, resulting many time in stress. Let us begin to use these extreme times to manifest our core qualities.

Master qualities within ourselves; like joy and being present in this moment not trapped in the future or the past. Develop the clear-sight of seeing ourselves, our nature and liberating our potentials. Keep true loving intention and empathy in all situations so we no longer allow dysfunctional energy to knock us off center.

Our higher consciousness does have action in its core. Build a strong spiritual loving embodiment that resonates so strongly that we all feel it through our interconnection. Be in love with what is, whatever it is, or direction it takes. Be part of the present and infuse positive energy into what is needed. That in itself is a new spiritual story of our lives.

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