A Time of Awakening


In our existence we have experienced many transformations. Before we had a body, before we had a soul, before this expanding universe, from the mystery we emerged. First with a soul, then in this physical form, now connecting with our oneness and eventually we will return to pure consciousness.

Imagine a time of awakening, where truth, respect, integrity and love are the rule. Naturally we do what is right and balanced without the need to think about it. We simply flow with the universal consciousness.

We are at the cusp of that time, increasingly people are connecting to their True Being and beginning the transformation of consciousness process.

I dreamt, I was giving a sermon in this vast chapel. I had no shoes and was sliding up and down the sanctuary in my socks as I gave a passionate service. I was guiding the congregation to touch the god within them. As I was instructing them I directed their gaze toward the ceiling.

The ceiling had a remarkable painting with the entire universe, and overlaid transparently over the universe was Michelangelo’s scenes of Genesis from the Sistine Chapel. The image of “Creation of Adam” where God is reaching out to touch Adam was aglow with the universe shining through. While the congregation and I were viewing this we had our spiritual connection to our higher consciousness. We then experienced the interconnection to all beings.

That dream illustrates the sense that God dwells in all, and through our spiritual connection we are opening to a sacred dimension of reality. The sad thing is we have known this is coming for centuries. Bodhi a Sanskrit word frequently translates to “awakening” or “to know.” As more are connecting to our individual fragments of sacred oneness we are beginning to recall or to know.

One knowing is, we need to heal the deep energetic wounds that create discord and hate in the world. Only through awakened unity my we begin to create a lasting harmony that will balm the scars and allow healing.

There is much to do and we are all needed to move forward. We need to develop ourselves so we may live balanced lives with Spirit and Self. In that awakened state we can maintain steady resonances of love and compassion that tap into natural frequencies of the earth.

Imagine spending a few minutes a day focusing on your service to the world. Then going about your day with a calm center of being. Flowing with the universal consciousness. Fortunately we are moving toward that day.

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