Adjustments Needed Now and Then


Take another look at the world around us. One repeating lesson from nature is how our earth is mutable and adaptable. When we look at ourselves we appear to be the same old person doing the same old things. Yet change is occurring all around, slowly at first then it explodes around us. We then wonder when did that come about.

The sure telltale sign of change is the measure of how much the established patterns begin to resist the new energetic shifts. “I don’t understand why we have to change, its working just fine.” That is the problem! We don’t understand the benefits of these new feelings, vibrations and patterns. In a material world everything needs a tune up now and then, an adjustment, or maybe an upgrade, or else it decays and stops working well.

Oops, we planted the seeds of change while trying to keep everything the same. How did that happen? Have you seen those retro looking radios that have digital tuners in them? Sometimes our nostalgia gets the better of us and we look to the past with wistful affection. Still change keeps coming and it’s never going to stop. We secretly want adventure, to explore new realms outside our comfy nests.

Humanity, from our early days has always been exploring, it’s in our DNA. We are curious and eager to see and understand more. We create fields of thought, like medicine, religion and art as we expand our searches. These fields are a chorus of similar vibrations expanding our consciousness. These expanding fields of synchronous resonant consciousness require change.

OK, OK… I see we should be adaptive with all this to keep harmony within ourselves. Making subtle changes within creates radical change in our life. It doesn’t take much. If we just change one aspect, like bringing peace into our core being and let it live there, soon our heart rhythm relaxes and our stress levels reduce. How we see the world opens up and how we interact with everyone is more peaceful.

See how much changing one small aspect within you has affected your whole being? Now examine how your new vibrational pattern is affecting the tumultuous world around you. Other sensitive people can sense the peace within and they react in kind. Unless of course they are still resisting change.


-David Bennett

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