After I lost you in the crowd




 After I lost you in the

I found both of my eyes in tears,

And I heard all my ribs,
moaning for you.

I went back to the streets of
the city

Looking in every corner,

Gazing in the faces of


If I can’t see you, I would hear
your voice.

If  I can’t hear your voice, I would smell your

For, you smell different.

And If I can’t breath-in your

My heart would lead my blind
eyes to find you.


I have been searching for you
since forever,

In all the women I met.

For I have been with many women
of all kinds.

Of different tastes,

Of different colors and

There were parts of you in each
woman, but not all of you.

And I never found what my heart
was after,

I never found the One…


And you..!!

You have a little bit from

And you are all of the women.


What belongs to me, no one can

What belongs to me is mine,

And only mine.

You are my perfect one,

You do not only look different,

But you smell, taste and sound


Let every man finds his wife,

And let every woman finds her

Let them go with each other


They are husbands and wives.

But we are beyond man and woman,

Beyond husband and wife,

Beyond the meaning of love,

Of union, of marriage.

 You are who you are,

I am who I am,

And we are who we are.