Announcing Weekly Themes

Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it. ~ David Guy Powers 

In 2012 we are introducing weekly themes on our Facebook Fan Page. We invite you to use these themes as prompts. Prompts to explore your beliefs and values. This exploration is often the key to a greater awareness, growth, and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Each Sunday the weekly theme will be shared on our Facebook Fan Page and we invite you to share any of the following (we also encourage you to come up with ideas not presented below!) with us on the fan page or as a post on the Tiferet site:

  • Stories
  • Interviews
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Poetry (Haiku, etc)
  • Quotes
  • Books

As 2012 continues we will feature your submissions as pieces in our monthly newsletters. We look forward to your submissions and welcome any questions you may have (which you can submit by clicking the “Feedback” button that floats on the left hand side of the site).

Upcoming Weekly Themes

  • Sunday, Jan. 15: Compassion
  • Sunday, Jan. 22: Peace
  • Sunday, Jan. 29: Meditation
  • Sunday, Feb. 5: Forgiveness
  • Sunday, Feb. 12: Love
  • Sunday, Feb. 19: Law of Attraction (Vibrational Energy)
  • Sunday, Feb. 26: Life Lessons
  • Sunday, Mar. 4: Angels

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