Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 1


Anxiety.  It’s a  7-letter word.  All of us experience it, some more than others.

When I ask people to describe their anxiety, I often learn that it feels like a pressurized bubble located somewhere in the range of the neck to the groin.  The pressure and pushing increases, and the breath gets shallow, the butterflies start, the gut churns.

CK has her issues, let me tell you.  Anxiety is generally not one of them.  Except for when it is.  And when it is, it’s nasty.  Here’s what I’ve learned about anxiety [and all other emotions].

Anxiety is a frequency, a vibration.  If you’re feeling it, you’re in the vibe, Dude.  You’re in the vibe through resonance – you’re matching your frequency with the frequency of anxiety.

Why on Earth would any of us do anything that debilitating?  Because we’re human.  It’s what we do.  Creative beings are we, and we create what we vibrate.  And each of us creates our go-to, regular, unconscious responses.  But don’t worry, you anxiety folks haven’t cornered the market on vibrating into an emotion!  We’re human creators, and it’s how we create – vibration and resonance, which informs our experience – whether we create anxiety, grief, depression, joy, amusement or peacefulness, it’s all about vibration.

So here’s the thing – there’s a ‘Stop the Madness’ strategy that’s easy, quick and if done regularly as a training exercise for your chakra system – will grind that vibratorium to a halt and let you resonate with your own bad self!

Here’s the metaphor –
Imagine a chakra located in front of your spine, about 2 fingers below your navel. The image below will give you something to imagine – I like the image because it conveys a sense of energy.  Chakras look a little different than the image though, trust me.


The chakra has openings, facing in front of and behind you.  And it has petals that can open and close to regulate the energy flow.

Dudes, dudettes, this chakra is the seat of the emotions.  Your emotions.  Not the resonance of anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, depression, grief, bitterness…pick one!  And not the emotions of your husband, wife, mother, father, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, colleagues, grocery clerks and dry cleaners!

So those petals are your new best friends!

See the open vegetable steamer?  That’s an out-of-control vibratorium, and that’s not a good plan.  You’ll vibrate into whatever energy is running in the space you’re in.  Horror movie, anyone?





See the contained vegetable steamer?  That’s a ‘seat of my emotions vibratorium,” and ooh, baby, that’s a nice!


Here’s the thing.   How old are you?  How long have you been anxious?  Has it been getting worse over time?

Teaching your out-of-control vibratorium to resonate at a contained frequency is a bit of a project.  So get really loving; think new, cute puppy.  And gently, consistently, frequently, repeatedly, over and over and over again, close the chakra down.  And validate your choice to stop the madness and surrender the anxiety.

I told you there’s a song for everything in my first blog.  Here’s the song for the 2nd chakra – sing it to the tune Burn Down the Mission, by Elton John.

Here’s the verse I’m referring to (in Elton’s words):

Burn down the mission,
Burn it down to stay alive.
It’s our only chance of living,
Take all you need to live inside.

And here’s Chakra Khan’s version:

Close down the chakra,
So your life can shuck and jive.
It’s your authentic way of feeling.
And all you need to live inside.

Have a great day!

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