Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 2


In the last post, I described the process for closing down an overactive vibratorium – the 2nd chakra oscillating magnet attracting energies that match your go-to emotions.  I’ve been using anxiety as the emotion of choice to illustrate the point about setting the 2nd chakra between 10 and 25% open.  (Most of us run around with our 2nd chakras set in the high 80’s and 90’s.  We’re literally magnetizing other people’s emotional energy and thinking of and experiencing these emotions as our own.)

So let’s imagine that you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are now managing your 2nd chakra by closing its petals to contain the chakra and to get in relation to your own emotions.  It’s a great start.

But what about the backlog of emotional energy that you’ve been accumulating for – well, er, years?  Because if you’re consumed with anxiety that isn’t yours, you can’t get to the bottom of the issues that drive YOUR anxiety.   For many people, anxiety escalates.  Like layers of sediment, anxiety piles on as your open 2nd chakra vacuums your daily landscape of people and activities.  You can’t relate to the anxiety* that’s in your energy field that belongs to someone else.  (*Or someone else’s pain, depression, angst, bitterness, resentment…etc.  You get it, right?)

Relax, people.  CK has a suggestion for releasing other people’s energy in the 2nd chakra.  It’s a simple visualization, really.  And one that can have dramatic effect on reclaiming your emotional energy and sense of self-awareness.

The goal of the visualization is to release everyone else’s anxiety so that you can get clear on the issues, emotions, unfinished business that generates YOUR anxiety.  By siphoning off what belongs to everyone else, you can befriend, relate to and ultimately release the anxiety that is authentically yours and yours alone.

Who the heck wants to befriend anxiety?  My philosophy is that it’s appropriate and imperative to befriend emotions.  Even the negative ones.  Not so that your emotion can RUN you.  So that it can INFORM you.  Emotions are indicators, right?  If you’re happy, and you know it, clap your hands.  Remember that song?  Well…

“If you’re anxious and you know it, check within.  If you’re anxious and you know it, it’s no sin.  If you’re anxious and you know it, you can meditate and flow it, down the drain you’ll let it go and you will win!”

So, after singing that little ditty together, here’s a BRV (Backlog Reduction Visualization) for owning your own emotions and releasing other’s emotions from your 2nd chakra vibratorium.

  • Imagine the 2nd chakra, located in front of your spine, about 2 fingers below your navel.  Imagine that the chakra is a round ball of energy, and that the bottom or base of the ball faces down toward your feet.
  • Place a drain in the base of the chakra.

    And away goes anxiety down the drain! Chakra Rooter!

  • Create a simple intention – release anxiety that I have attracted through my 2nd chakra vibratorium.
  • Imagine the attracted anxiety – from the drycleaner, the checkout clerk at the grocery store, co-workers, folks on the train, your family, friends, peops – activating in the chakra and responding to the call of gravity.
  • Remove the drain after 3-5 minutes.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘less is more.’  That expression is explicitly appropriate for this visualization.  Three to five minutes of draining goes a long way.  After all, your energy is in the chakra, too.  You want to get rid of what belongs to others, and retain your sense of self.  So please, do this when you’re awake, upright, feet on the floor.  Stay connected to the process.  And imagine removing the drain when finished.

If you practice this daily, for 3-5 minutes at a time, you’ll release the anxiety (or other emotion) you’ve attracted, and you’ll reset your vibratorium to resonate with your own emotional energy.

And you’ll discover that anxiety is not a curse, it needn’t be debilitating.  Like all of your emotions, it’s an indicator and a signal that you’ve got some internal attending to do.  Attend to what’s yours.  Release what’s not yours.  Not a bad strategy, huh?

So, my anxiety at completing this blog is utterly released.  I feel much better.  I hope you do too!

Keep your energy flowing,


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