Poems by Louise Moriarty

Introducing Louise Moriarty…. Traveller, Adventurer of the heart, Poet, Fool, storyteller of the new cosmology. An impossible dreamer! In her travels and experiences she has given herself the joyous job of writing a poem for every person in the world. She recognised that when your heart song is acknowledged, you feel seen for who you are, you have the courage to follow your truths and know you bring it just by being here.
Master of Social Ecology, Social worker, Circus trainer and performer, community cultural development worker; Louise delights in weaving pathways for the child within to have full expression. Giving us permission to play into what truly brings our senses alive. Using her bardic form of storytelling to sing the song lines of your soul, this modern day minstrel, makes poetry live through the everyday life of the hero and legend in all of us. www.miraclesandwonderdownunder.com



I want to write a personal poetry portrait for the staff of tiferet
can you let me know the names of the people behind the scenes of the poem a thon

You have known me highs and lows
beating the keyboard into submission
trying to arrange the feelings
so you could experience a pure slice
my way of seeing the world
I muttered and stumbled
wanting the sacred to be perfect in
my dance with design
phrases eloquent and evocative
yet I am human and Divine
perfect in my imperfection
wabi sabi
incorporating existential crisis
my password for knowing
Will I always need a crisis to prove my worth
Will I ever see the rarity
the clarity of me that you see
to what ends this naval gazing
Such a mirror as you is rare
you let me say my words
unjudged voluntary
you let my love of expression
flow through the sands
in your reading
we are together
as we always were
even in time
all of one kind


Ask me of the song and I will tell you
When all things are sung
earth ocean and breath
they become
Sacred sound sings our spirit
We are in existence through the sounds of love
Songmen sang the sacred ceremonies
that kept the stories alive
rebirthed what was
what worked in the tribe
in the place that they belonged
Grandmothers knew the names
flowers, shells and insects
all the varieties they existed
their naming their seed
now we sing the logos to life
corporations multiply
Who will sings with gratitude for the earth
with no doubt no fear
who in gratitude experiences in full expression
the interconnections of plants and animals
man and environment
Shall we together sing the new song
each in their sacred capacity
an element of the Divine
sing our gifts into presence
Give joy as we seen the Divine
Everywhere we look
Gracious grateful muses of manifestation


energy is now
blossoms wilt and rot to soil
everything changes


As you sing me to sleep dripping like notes of a xylophone
I am soothed Held in the the shelter that keeps me dry
I know warmth as I wrap the quilt around me
You make me feel safe even though I guard myself from you
you give life to the earth and I know my thirst will be quenched


You who encourage others to express
Give everyone the courage to do their best
You who are there when the urge is low
Give others blessings to get on with the show
You who forgive yet hold us to task
You who wonder why yet still maintain class
for you who are there when theres a long way to go
for you who stay silent when theres nothing to grow
for you who wait till the right time to say it
and when we need a good kick your not afraid to spray it
For you who are determined to follow the dream
and live through the adventure even when its not like it seems
For you who behind the scences make disaster opportunity
to you who smooth out the edges and perfection others only see
For you to who we say Thank God
We own you for this experience which has meant quite alot

This one was the first one I wrote
Thought you girls in the office might appreciate it
Didn’t think it was quite a appropriate for an interfaith magazine
it was a rough weekend

You old bastard (this is truly how my uncle refers to “Him’)
you sneaky son of a bitch
You must have asbergers cos
you give me literally what I ask for
and it still doesn’t satisfy
Love your funniest game
‘don’t have it’ miserable
‘Get it’ still miserable
‘loose it’ even more miserable
I prayed
did good
travelled the right road and still nothing satisfies
this earthly life a disappointment
you expect me to believe it’ll get better in Heaven
you gotta be kidding me
Creation a loosers school


I am alive blessing enough for now
Why cant I see what others are seeing
the mist has fallen heavy
disconnection the illusion
that I am special
taken from one world
destined to another
The newness
getting out of the old pattern
magic quickens
my character of myself


Dead. It cant be true. assassinated that only happens to presidents He gave his life for peace and died with violence. He could have stayed in bed that day . Loving that strange Japanese women that broke up the band (or so they say). His heart could have lived in hope for another day. It was the first time I ever naturally entered a minute of silence. On the trampoline, in the backyard of the one girl in the street who I never visited. Her mother was incensed.


a substance concentrated self contained
all I was doing was breathing Mirabai
What was born in your hands Nahuatl invocation
You may say existence but you still cant grasp it Dakini Lion-face
the eternal power of breath, prime origin of being Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg
As I speak for you speak for me Navajo
As a starved little bird who sees and hears Vittoria Colonna
and then the props withdrawn Emily Dickinson
Warfare Wealth Love and Death AD Hope
She took them to the market Kate Judith
The art of losing isn’t hard to master Elizabeth Bishop

What I take comfort in
is that all around the world people are writing poetry
I may not get a chance to read it all right away
but whenever I have feelings that I don’t know where to put
I can reach out and find a kindred heart expressing a depth of experience
When I want to celebrate with all my joy
there are words woven into festivals of the spirit
I am no longer alone
I laugh
I am moved to tears
Allowed to feel irritated, relaxed
agitated expanded
Allowed to feel
I am again part of the human race

Permission to belong

Regret nothing and follow your bliss
Take your heart out from under your pillow and give it a kiss
no more waiting for the day to come
you are perfect the only one
Each connection each season each moment to know
Love is the seed that you plant and it grows
Take the shame and the blame all your crimes
let them go give them no more time
Follow your bliss be immersed in right now
Its what you do along you already know how

April 2nd
They ask me how I do it
Where it comes from
I look into your heart and you are sung
Your song seeps out to me and the words feel real
As I write it down it is me who is healed
Its what I am called to do a gift I was given
when I am capturing the words of the living
I am not just being positive for this I could not rhyme
It seems the acknowledgement I give isn’t wrapped up in time
So each one who comes before me I offer up a poem
and together we travel to their heart that is home
Expose the seeds of the dreams that spark their way
of living through Spirit each day as they go out to play

April 2 / 2

I want to say hearts bleed and then laugh
what I have experienced will always reside like the
long forgotten scent of lavender under nanna’s lemon tree
Always around the corner yet instantly accessible

I confess that I am the storyteller of the dream I have sold myself
feigning to take responsibility and then demanding that I must
if I am to have any credibility

I want something different yet I haven’t even tasted the full experience of this moment
as I judge it unworthy waiting for the next goal to be had
trying to be somewhere I am not

I want you to see how I feel
to taste my sensory overload when the news is turned on
when a bus load of people are dying on the outside to get themselves somewhere
they never wanted to go

smell the way you draw me to you
the depth of sensation that accompanies me wherever I go
the emotions that swirl and take me like a rip

Yet feel how I am free to play in the garden
swim in the mud
take pleasure in the drug
say what I am

like a child in this moment
it erupts and then is gone
covered in paint that changes colors as it blends
This is life my friends

and for now I want you all to know that you are my kin
wordsmiths shapers of sounds that elicit the hearts knowing
we are speaking in syllables of ancient wanderers
trees shedding leaves
animals finding their winter homes
the first butterfly to come out of a cocoon
the first man to meet woman
the first child to know they needed another
the first sound symbol to be uttered

April 1st
On this day of fools
I take the challenge
More poems I have written in one day
But I love to be challenged in anyway
Its only the 31st of March but while the internets down I’ll make a start
together with this community seeped and soaked in poetry
we will set our words free and find to others what the value of an artist will be
All this year I’ve deemed to find a philanthropist generous and kind
because a living artists wage would mean from stress and strain Id be saved
now some may think I have an elaborate life
Joyfully creating my mission rife
but many a times I stop in a heap
my mission thwarted even though I live cheap
So as I create business’s galore and Miracles and Wonder clients start coming through the door
I needs some friends who will let me know
onto their faces my words leave a glow
A simple sponsor will help me to play
and get the words read by another each day
So to each and every one of you
I ask the gift of backing true
put your money where your heart sits
it wont hurt a little bit
I know you say my life inspires
and I know most of you aren’t high flyers
but if we all can share around the blessings in life that we have found
I will write another day
so my words can help the love to stay