Poems by Louise Moriarty 2017

Poet Louise Moriarty photoLOUISE MORIARTY is a Traveller, Adventurer of the heart, Poet, Fool, storyteller of the new cosmology. An impossible dreamer! In her travels and experiences she has given herself the joyous job of writing a poem for every person in the world. She recognised that when your heart song is acknowledged, you feel seen for who you are, you have the courage to follow your truths and know you bring it just by being here.
Master of Social Ecology, Social worker, Circus trainer and performer, community cultural development worker; Louise delights in weaving pathways for the child within to have full expression. Giving us permission to play into what truly brings our senses alive. Using her bardic form of storytelling to sing the song lines of your soul, this modern day minstrel, makes poetry live through the everyday life of the hero and legend in all of us. www.everydaymiraclesandwonder.com

Each moment was always leading
to where life slipped from her face
I removed the ring and washed her hand
Caressed clean the body cleared of life’s cares

At that moment I though I would never forget that face
but that was the greatest fear that lingered in me
All she had taught me over time ideas full of cares
Once I could think of nothing but what was held in this vessel

Will I continue to be full of her and not just me
It is strange how quickly change blows in new winds
Our needs recognised by a new vessel
then grief blows up and we sit ashamed

the eye of the storm heralds the full force of returning winds
Where is this goodbye leading
Our love held nothing of which to be ashamed
I replace the ring I do not want to let go of this hand

Glistening leaves shriek
with the cockatoos herald
of the new day dawning
Light and heat creeps
I curl
swirl the cream and sugar into a design
This day so fine
Turning to my partner content to unwind

As she spun the rites of passage where begun
the white chiffon fanned out exactly like a doll on a wedding cake
Although she was only 21 her debutant ball had begun
Her smile and hair showed no trace of care
She was fully present
All women
powerfully there
Dancing with father a surreal sensation
Which man would pick her for elation
One day it would be another dress of white
But for now she was perfectly happy on this night

On waking
I spied the ash
I did not remember going to sleep
but the fire had died down to powdery grey dust
blustering in the cool morning breeze
Looking out to the mountains
my gaze settled on a Grandfather of a tree
Its perky leaves waving to me across the distance of the gully
Of all the trees this one spoke
You too like me will return to the earth
We are all one


I used to jump in puddles
then I jumped over puddles
now I watch them from my window
I imagine jumping into one
and going into a portal
that leads me to somewhere else
Anywhere that is not here

I pulled my shawl closer to my shoulders
Remembering my grandmother telling me
‘Make every day a good day to die
It will certainly come
What we are here to do must be done daily’
I sat up abruptly she was closer than ever
her spirit always called me home to the centre in myself
her intuition lived in me was my wisest guide.

With the sacred talking stick from the ash tree
I circled through the embers below
and watched the smoke and glowing coals
form a story before my eyes
It was the direction of my day
some would call it my destiny
I rolled up my swag and begin the descent to the warmer places
as the first snow fell

Day 25

What are you doing?

I continue
centered on courting genius
Lost in my word count I parrot

What are you doing?

I stop typing for a moment
look up in wonder that an interruption
could take me away from the safe world
I think I have created

What are you looking at?

What are you doing?

What are you looking at me doing?

He shrugs
Walks away
a moment of inspiration with my muse
ignored by my own arrogance
I come back still stuck in the same place

Day 24

Framing the world and breaking it down
Into manageable chunks
Home for spiders and ants
they run into each other in greeting
then proceed on their important missions
No matter what is portrayed
I wait for its pronouncement and am surprised
that I have never seen it this way before

Doors within doors
to new views
I stop with you
no voice
pronouncing judgement
I see things through eyes clear
looking out I appear in
my breath moving through you
Trees breathing me
made you

Calm over the ocean
Such stillness rare and craved
eerie misfortune

We all change our pace
Waiting for the disaster
Cyclones overflow

In days gone by
Natural regen cycle
Heralded as life

What of this world
her heart made green
envy for those who could cope
the madness surrounded
though a small light always shone
her hope never drowned in the cup
of self sedation
she feared for loosing all feeling
and yet her feelings sent her reeling
withdrawing into the darkness
shadows rested on
all hope almost gone
and yet she was revived
most certainly alive
the cup half full
she would summon up her will

I said do you want a poem
She looked at me I was unknown
I give this gift to open your heart
How do you know where to start
Writing you is my blessing you see
It sets both you and I free

I sit still to hear your breath
Honouring your presence
Such a fragile gift
For surely one day you will depart
and I don’t want that day to come without knowing your heart

Another day of wondering
exploring and pondering

I take the time to listen deep
Let mystery unfold in my sleep

Evoke the life I wish to become
Treat others as honoured perfect ones

of all the wonders surrounding our hearts
of which we are a sacred part

Seeing the diamond that is lying inside
Revealing the spirit that just cannot hide
Exposing Utopia that brings peace to all
Rising us up when we believe in the fall
Aligning faith with our possibilities
Seeking the love that will set us all free

Her hands were covered with the red liquid of life
The sacrifice successful
Life will continue as death reclaims
Crops had been scarce but the prayers and well wishes constant
Gratitude heralded
She heard his voice
Although the high priestess was supposedly blind to the earthly realms
His scent
His touch
She must keep her mind on the ritual
until it was time to choose
He would serve her as she served the Goddess
Her gift for all that was her burden

X marks the spot on the treasure map
We seek continually to be on point spiritually
We endeavour to have the qualities that will in this life set humankind free

The line is between
holding yourself in the shame of guilt
for the sins committed again
chained to your own pain
Disappointed you repeated them troubled a friend

It is a target
an arrow for cupids bow
So that others can experience all the love we know
So we can be the person we would like to be
Experience forgiveness and set love free

Without the wind
I would not hear the sound of my name on my lovers breath
Without the air that moves all of us
the kites wouldn’t fly in the sky
Leaves wouldn’t fall
in the exhale of autumns call
and nothing would blow the clouds past the sun
We wouldn’t have as much fun knowing that change is ever present
as the wind blows
our Spirit knows
that memories grow
as to death we flow

Suburban recreation
a campsite full of dreamers
Shaping tribally their love
Deeper than it seems

Games played with abandon
All in fully committed
The secret right before you
Surprises revealed

Cardamon a flavour bomb
that wafts through chai tea
puts the flavour in pastries
is a halo over the market place
the young girls grind with haste
From the right amount
you can tell which cook was about
and yes the peeling of the seeds
is sensual indeed
it fulfils some scrumptious need
like a loafer roaming over your skin
or pheromones that get right in
like a lover you remember from before
to a dreamscape world it opens the door
oh dear cardamon of christmas cake
marry me to your memories for goodness sake

it holds all it needs
new varieties it breeds
from the ground to it nourishment leads
Hidden within are flowers and fruit
It multiplies strength in its roots
produces tiny little shoots
It a miracle of rain and sun
When you plant it
your gardens just begun
and it only takes one

Full Moon
Tunes feelings in
Emotions in motion
Such powerful shadow potion

Gray hair
Grows very fast
Under colours that should sustain
a youthful halo round my brain
re die

supposedly we would be free
to be

As his fingers rise
I see a knowing in his eyes
In the shadows words surprise
and we expose the lies


{To be read out loud}

An unexpected change that keeps coming
should at once be expected

The second season of passionfruit after unseasonal rain
Was a delight but a little insane
Then when the rivers rose
Higher than anybody in history would have proposed
We wondered if life as we knew it would continue to grow

Out of the mud sparked days without thunder and lightning
all together unusual in this neck of the woods at this time

Then in one day like a southern state
wind came, sun came,
what they now call storm cells with rain came
and again the other kind of rain,
to which we have forgotten the name,
and then autumn leaves fell
and spring shoots bloomed more passionfruit flowers
All of this in one days hours

How many seasons a day will our Gods allow?

Was this seeded
this new weather that the almanac could not predict?
Is this some controlling
corporate agriculturalists trick?
Are we totally being punished for our lack of respect?
Is there something we can do for our earth to protect?

These changes in the seasons
so many in each day
they prompt us to be more aware
but with our radar maps we play
we experience the touch of rain
by watching colours on tv again
and if we dance we fear a cold
we compare all of life to us growing old

This moment such a special wonder
Or an omen forthcoming of humanity going under

All costs are measured against commodities properties
stuff and index’s that don’t protect natures humble matrix

and we apart
a witness too
or just the heart of what we choose to do

I have pushed love away
ran to find it somewhere on another day
I have fought with its care
uncertain of whether I could trust it to share
Now I see its only me
Uncertain of my own certainty
As I take time to nurture my own loving kind
I find a peace of mind
that lets me unwind in my own time
What I dream to do is what I am doing each day anew
and with self love I am free to love others as well as me

All of our ways of seeing what is there
are clouded by our perceptual bias
We are all liars
of sorts
As we sort through the stories that fit our world views
We only take on complimentary information if it feels true
We see what we believe and we layer a reality over
Its rare for us to turn over a new utopian clover

Our history is written in the lines of concrete
on which the ancestors dragged their weary feet
We hold on to the trauma the psychic wounds
For some reason we won’t let go of them too soon

Each new perception permission or wonder
is coloured by the emotions of lines running under
Until we unravel express and reveal
all of the layers of each thing we feel

Sequins and satins, a tear in her eyes
the ghost of a starlet who never got to fly
shrouded in stain glass
a fear of critique
Never able to release
her essential inner freak

Reflections of velvet
that comfort and caress
woodgrain perfume shrieks of humiliation repressed
nurtured by being embedded in the ever changing team
of artists who trust that they can express more than what they seem

Behind windows lives were lived
Sounds evoked the moments of extreme emotions
Laughter alighted and lifted out the window like a bunch of balloons
Grief wailed like the loss that we imagine we couldn’t bear
Violence erupted interrupting others peace
Confusion ruffled the curtains too nervous to peak out
Breathing in unison made the sunset blush as it reached its crescendo
and the children sang unawares splashing in the puddles below

As a plane descends vortex’s of turbulence sound and announce the unnatural breeze
Passionfruit and pumpkin sway and snake through the bamboo
yellow flowers exploding like stars
Nature wishes to recreate the rainforest that was
marjoram roams the garden and storytelling beans are sprayed by the juice of berries from a fairies mouth
each niche filled fevently with growth
The water dragon greats me a sentinel
dragon flys hover above the orange and green orb spiders webs
old turtle hides in the garden from the rising floodwaters
I dig new lettuce and basil herbs of hope and healing against the outsides concrete fetish that is rushing water under the foundations of our home
All we need is given yet we grieve the destruction of property
That I could be as generous and bountiful, gracious as my nature
I shake free of social norms strip down in the rain and touch earth feel the roots of the trees under me
Sometime it scares me that I am free

She turns and I with her
Moving forward towards reunion
We share tides
where they hide
Her intuition I feel when I am tuning in
Mastering crafts
for a laugh
We try and capture moments like *dandelion wishes*
Provoke mysteries
with our ideas
Sometimes the humour of the mark of the game misses
Biorhythms swell
I know them well
yet no matter how I explore to tame
Can never predict where they go when I ride them again
As the dimensions unfold
some mundane
some bold
Body feels it’s growing old
Will I grow wise ?
in my own eyes
My how time flies
trust life give it another try