Poems by Niki Nymark 2017

Niki NymarkNIKI NYMARK is what she re-writes; a poet who has lived a long time and written a lot of poems, stories, articles and to-do lists. Niki has published a couple of books of poetry and enjoys reading aloud at taverns around St. Louis.

crazy, disorganized desk!
for God’s sake,
file something.

Out the window,
tiny woods, not
even a forest,
branches embrace
vines laced through,
inquisitive, meandering,
bough to bough.
A little copse
balanced on tiptoe
at road’s edge.

In the house
crazy, disorganized desk.

Wabash Line

I walk to school
over a bridge
always in time
to meet the steam
of a rushing train.
Wabash engine
cover me over,
make me invisible
even to myself.

St. Louis 1938

by Mama Mississippi
hot brick tenements
like solemn palaces
at attention
in the too hot
we slept out in the open
buildings smoldered
too hot to sleep inside
heat so thick
you could eat it
or it could eat you
brick city


A raucous rooster
on an old pine post
sings the sun awake.
Come up, it’s time,
you lazy Sun,
I haven’t got all day.
Then, satisfied with the result,
goes on his way.