Awareness Is The Only Discipline


In the final analysis, awareness is the only discipline. You can transform the world simply by being aware of it. But most of us are not aware. We are just thinking.

For a few minutes a day, morning and evening, become aware of awareness – simple, silent, crystal clear. Nothing but that!

Whether our meditation is devotional or impersonal, Eastern or Western, metaphysical or earth-centered, whether our vehicle is the breath or the mantra, a candle or a prayer, it has only one purpose: to settle our attention into pure awareness, free from thought, like cloudy water settling to transparency.

In the process of settling, our cloudy awareness passes through finer and finer states, some quite fascinating: realms of light, inner music, worlds of angels, images of past lives. All these states are just dust, but awareness is clear water. They are passing clouds. Bur awareness is the empty sky.

Do I want to land on a little cloud and cling to an experience, or become this vast blue space? When I seek psychic, mystical, or celestial encounters, I never come home to my own awareness. This kind of spirituality is no different than going from one nightclub to another, seeking more and more sensation, hooking up without rest or satisfaction. I can go bar-hopping in the heavens, just as on earth.

But true meditation doesn’t see visions. It awakens the one who sees. True meditation doesn’t go anywhere. It awakens the go-er, without a journey.

Stop, traveler. You are already home. Be empty, seeker of wealth. Your naked awareness is a sparkling gown of compassion, covering the whole earth. Being here, just as you are, is the highest power.

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