“The body is damaged by the bewilderment of spirit”

Wendell Berry

For we do not quite belong here, do we?

There is something off about this world

The way night takes over the day and sharpens the senses

The way the voices resound in the mind and reverberate across ages

The dreams of flying out of the body

The threads that connect the dreams in their own evolving story

We wear our bodies like clothes

We search through the layers for a key

But we are locked in love

We are wired to love

And sometimes the inertia of love crushes us

and we fall into its net

only to find thousands of others in the same boat

and it does not matter whose hand we hold:

your people are my people

The wind blows us like weeds in the same direction

It shoots us among stars we are meteorites flying upwards

It plants us like wildflowers in the shelter of the highest peaks

Yet we are so clumsy we trip over thoughts

We fall through blind spots

we break so many things, hearts, mainly

while our bodies are breaking down too

so that they can feed the earth

and our spirits can feed on love

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