Blog Posting Guidelines for the Tiferet Site


We look for creative work that expresses spiritual experiences and/or promotes peace. Our mission is to help raise individual and global consciousness, and we publish writing from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.

We strongly urge you to read other TIFERET blogs prior to posting to insure that you are reaching your intended audience. We will not publish rants, infomercials, advertorials or press releases. Please be mindful that your post has relevance to a diverse spiritual community.

Please review the guidelines below prior to posting.

How to submit:

You must first create a user account here:

At the bottom, select that you want to be a Contributor.

Your membership request will then be reviewed by an admin.

Once approved, you can follow the instructions below to add your post. There is no cost to do so, and no time constraint.

  1. Log into the website by clicking on the “Sign In” link in the upper top left corner of the website. Once logged in, click on “Tiferet Journal” and “Dashboard.”
  2. Select “Posts > Add New” in the left sidebar.
  3. Enter your post title and your author name. For example, if the title of your post is Hope and your author name is Suzie Writer, you would enter it in the following format: Hope – by Suzie Writer (please do not use all CAPS)
  4. Add the post content.** Under the “Categories” section in the right sidebar, select the ‘Blog Post’ category and any others you think the post should display under. The post will only display on the website under the categories you choose here.
  5. Scroll down to bottom right hand side and click on “Set Featured Image”. You can upload your own image, but please keep the size below 500k. Horizontal images 400-600px wide work best.
  6. After selecting your image, Scroll back up to the top of the page and select the “Submit for Review” button in blue. Your post will appear on the website after an administrator has approved it.

Contributor’s posts won’t go live immediately. An administrator has to approve them and it says “pending” next to them. When they click to post the article, it doesn’t say “publish,” it says “submit for review,” so they should know their article won’t go live unless approved.

**Copying and pasting from Word can be tricky at times. Please try to keep your formatting as clean as possible. If the post will not format correctly pasting from Word, try pasting it into Notepad first, then copy that and paste into the post. If done this way, you will have to re-italicize, underline, add hyperlinks, etc. if your post has any of these.

How we select blogs to publish:

Your work will be carefully reviewed by a staff editor or our publisher. Only well-written blogs that offer a fresh look into spirituality, writing, faith, consciousness, interfaith niceness, religious tolerance, and related topics will be accepted. High-quality writing is of prime importance to us. Proofread your work carefully before submitting.

If your work is accepted, it will appear in on the Community page under Member Blogs. We also regularly select stand-out blogs to feature on the home page.

If your blog is not approved, it is due to one of the following reasons: 

  1. You did not follow formatting guidelines properly.
  2. The topic was not relevant to TIFERET’s audience and mission.
  3. The writing did not meet our editorial standards.

How you can get and keep readers:

Once your blog is published on the site, you can link to it through your own social media outlets. Be sure to share your post on Google +, your Facebook page and/or Twitter feed! Follow and respond to any comments that are posted.

This is a small representation of the high-quality writings you’ll find in every issue of TIFERET.

We receive no outside funding and rely on digital issues, workshop fees, and donations to publish. If you enjoy our journal’s verbal and visual offerings, we hope you’ll consider supporting us in one of these ways.

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