Blossoms of Life


I enjoy the comparison of our life to that of a flower. We bud with new energy, then blossom and share all our beauty with the world around us and eventually we wither away back to the Source, the Oneness. There is a sense of pureness in that physical nature.

In order to live our lives similarly and purely like the flower, we should venture toward becoming grateful and mindful of others. Someone who lives as effortless action, with peace of heart and free from our own beliefs.

The first step in being that way is to be true to ourselves. Authentic in who we are, releasing the veils of persona we shroud ourselves in. Then may we discharge those confusing thoughts that result in our own self-imposed suffering. Thoughts of wants, needs and grasping which confuse us into thinking we are what we have.

When I travel I love to find older local people who have lived their entire life in one location or town. The stories they tell of their past captivate me. Most times I find contentment in those folks with who and where they are.

Tony was our cab driver in St. Maarten and after he told us of his family, we encouraged him to share some wisdom from his grandfather, who was born in the 1800s and lived his entire life on the island. Tony told us his grandfather was “in agriculture, sheep and goats.” He would say “Listen Sonny Boy – I’ll learn ya sometin”. He never went to school but he could read the bible. Grandfather would go on, “Live by the land, God will feed you and you will always have money, an able to help other people.” Tony told us his grandfather was respected by family friends and community and he hoped to be like his grandfather. Tony was already in his late sixties and we could feel his grandfathers presence on him in the way he shared his wealth in knowledge with anyone who asked.

The grandfather knew who he was without illusions. He was content to live simply and gave of himself with straightforward help where he could. Like the flower he was deeply rooted, true to himself and blossomed with authentic colors for all to see and experience.

Can our mindfulness and mental disciplines return us to a simple honest knowing of self? Can we enrich our human family with enlightenment and compassion? I imagine we all require someone or something to inspire us and guide us like Tony’s Grandfather, or maybe – merely a blossom on the stem.

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