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Celebrate Dr. M.L.K., Jr. with art/act, soul/social justice!

Twigs of my poetree of soul: Prema Timeless, sublime, tonal, Melodious sojourn into life, self. River banks, as petal and thorn Roll, filled by agua's flow; Entwining on her bed, Know, love is. Mauna, Silence, echoes its song; Which no words could trace. Thus...

Is Your Energy Running Or Are You Running Energy?

Week after week clients talk about pace, transitions and time.  The pace discussion sounds like this: “…”  Got that?  Yeah.  It went by too fast for you to quite get it.  Want me to...
Gina Williams

Excerpt from I Heard Nothing Once by Gina Williams

The following essay appears in our July 2015 Digital Issue. Download it today to read the rest of Gina’s story and the entire issue. LIFE IS SIMPLER OUT HERE, but that doesn’t make it any...
Hune Margulies

Excerpt from Martin Buber’s Primordial Religiosity by Hune Margulies

This essay appears in our Summer 2022 issue. Click here to read the rest of Dr. Margulies’ essay and the entire issue for free. Our gift to you. My reading of Martin Buber takes me...

Excerpt from a review of Jacqueline Sheehan’s book The Tiger in the House

The following review by author Ellen Meeropol of Jacqueline Sheehan’s book The Tiger in the House appears in our Spring 2017 digital issue. The entire issue is available for purchase and digital download. Driving home from...

NOLA: Snapshot of a City

Musicians tune their instruments and set buckets at their feet, artists hang their paintings and "cash only" signs on the iron fence surrounding the park and the bells of The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis...
Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Excerpt from Midwinter Spring by Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Stephanie participated in our April 2014 Poem-A-Thon. A poem written by each participant appeared in our Summer 2014 Digital Issue. Download and read all the participants’ poems. I had stayed too long. Pluto’s arms were cold...
Sunil Uniyal

Excerpt from Sufiyana by Sunil Uniyal

This poem appears in our April 2015 digital issue. The entire issue is available for download. Who will not drink if You are the Saki, And Yours the cup and the wine too; This moonless night I...

I split the dawn by Carol Munroe

I split the dawn clutching my pen and thoughts of You and words roaming round my head the clock runs on I won't let go of my marker and my clipboard and thoughs of You like flowers blooming in my head a pink haze dawns the writing...

A Different Perspective

I recently attended a work conference for web professionals and had the pleasure of meeting a blind man. He was there to educate people about web tools to enhance the user experience for the...