inevitable intimacy

I woke up this morning and knew I am going to write about my time in the cabin. I trust I will meet all manner of critics on my way to the end of this...

A public exhibition

Here I sit, hunched over my construction paper, gripping a crayon so tightly that it snaps in half. Arm curved protectively around the paper, so close that it curls and crimps the corners of...

Lectio Poetica: What is the Question?

“Sometimes . . . you come to a place whose only task is to trouble you with tiny but frightening requests . . .” – David Whyte Ten years ago, just three months after falling...

a path into the woods

a path into the woods the desire to make a path I can follow begins to take its form. I am in no rush to reach the river. the Virginia woods have a lightness in them the Indians were...

the pilgrim journeys

solstice song – 2013   now ride the darkness and the flame dark hair streaming sifting the darkness with starlit eyes   petals fall in this lean wind bless us with a touch of your wings bless us with wings   return to us, your arms...

The Dancer

Establishing rules for poetry is like putting the dancer in a cage. She may gain an audience but her heart grows faint.

Walking with Wisdom

The seeker walked with Wisdom and came upon the cemetery of her servants. "Learn and move on", she said. "Their teachings may set you free, but their attendants will lock you in the catacombs...

Little Dove, Darling Butterfly

Little dove, I can think
 of a thousand reasons
 why I could say
, this tree is not your home

   But the stars above
 would passionately disagree
 noting every time you are near
, the way you glow is as...

My Soul, My Sprite of Inner Light

It was a summer day. The afternoon heat had summoned clouds from crystal blue, and thunder rolled across the heavens as a reminder; the sky still had a voice. As I trudged onward, the...

Where Creativity Resides

Kishkes is a Yiddish—originally Russian—word for guts or intestines. My immigrant grandparents considered kishkes in a sausage-like form to be a delicacy that I never dared to taste.  My father, who grew up speaking...