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"The real meaning of crucifixion is to crucify the false self, that the true self may rise. As long as the false self is not crucified, the true self is not realized." —Hazrat Inayat Khan,...

On Merton’s Snow and Watt’s Potatoes

"your heart is my hermitage" - thomas merton one of the most profound beauties in merton's spiritual journey is his progression from a spirituality of "the" heart as a general proposition in the abstract, to...

Holiday Grace

One of the Family Frederick Cotman  1880   This week, instead of memorizing a poem for the Mnemosyne Weekly, I'll be spending time with family. But I'd still like to share a poem with you. No matter what...

A Season to Remember

for Miriam Some wounds, old wounds, with their ragged edges, with their hardened skin, never fully heal.   We sat in the dimmed living room, lights twinkling on the tree, listening to Christmas music, and she said, “My mother loved this time of year.”   I caught...

Webinar: Beyond Talent with Host Jeffrey Davis

In this time of flux for the publishing industry, what does it take to write, ship, & publish work that matters over the long haul?

2013 Writing Contest

2013 TIFERET Writing Contest. $1,200 will be awarded in prizes.

Another Way of Knowing

There are many cultures that honor visions not only of their spiritual leaders, but also of ordinary people. For these cultures, such visions give meaning to their everyday roles and activities. In our contemporary...

Harnessing the Power of Time

One day about five years ago, when Barak Obama was running for president the first time, I heard him talking on the radio about wind power.  He said that the wind is a cheap,...

Don’t Quarrel by Rick Hanson Ph.D.

DON’T QUARREL Who do you argue with? The Practice: Don’t quarrel. Why? It’s one thing to stick up for yourself and others. But it’s a different matter to get caught up in wrangles, contentiousness, squabbles . . . in...

Once Upon a Swim…

I was in the middle of a long training swim one afternoon, preparing for a triathlon, feeling pressured to complete the session, already thinking ahead to the impossible list of things I had to...