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A Soulful Journey!

I walk down the path of uncertainty To reach the abode of peace Like an untamed animal my mind revolts Against all odds that befall on the path I behold the both - fair and foe Merging into one...


I'm more like anybody, A common face however, People refuse to recognize me. I approach the Known with names, I beg them to help Make my name Known. They just keep silence as if Heard nothing! What could I make this out? A...

One last call for essays/poems to submit to

This could be a short essay about an experience you've had with a person from a religion other than your own...


(a Journey) I do not make light of the heaviness which dwells in my heart. And I think to my chi, “perhaps if I empty my insides, it will all fall out too.” she tells me what I know...

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Dear Mark (a letter to a prisoner and friend on ego and humility

Dear Mark, Gregg and I were discussing ego today, and among other things, the number of people who fight so hard to preserve it, which is, in actuality nearly everyone, at least in this culture. And...

Understanding Forgiveness

Understanding Forgiveness If I don’t understand myself, I can’t understand you. If I can’t understand you, I don’t understand myself. If I can’t see in myself the thing about you that bothers me, I’m not really seeing the thing in you that...

The Greatest Paradox of All

The Greatest Spiritual Paradox of All! At the root of all unhappiness in the world, with all the evil and negative thoughts and emotions that inevitably go with unhappiness, lies the selfish desire to make ourselves...

Here’s a lovely claymation video of Le Petit Prince — remember the story?

A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~ (via @AndreaBurgess8 @offgrid @loveimage) StopMo.Info: Le Petit Prince Claymation - The Little Prince (1979) - Will Vinton thanks to @offgrid  

and again?

I had a neat revelation, again; When I was in meditation, again: That it may take dedication, But we could actually be free From all limitation, again. 23feb (c)2010 jge