Our Victory

If there is ever a book that saves us it will be a contemplation of Love without pretext or association with idols. It will be about knowing the mystery is boundless and choosing life...

Little Dove, Darling Butterfly

Little dove, I can think
 of a thousand reasons
 why I could say
, this tree is not your home

   But the stars above
 would passionately disagree
 noting every time you are near
, the way you glow is as...

A Little Nightmusic

2013 Tiferet Writing Contest: Honorable Mention in Poetry A Little Nightmusic by Ami Kaye Her sheer veil streams in a pale mist, the crimson lahenga swirls around her running form, she smells the crushed grass beneath her naked feet. I want...

She Beckons

All this time we have been falling at the feet of yesterday's shadows, while the spirit of wisdom stands beside us offering her hand.

Theatre of Dreams

The sun is my spotlight that One in the royal digs guides its way   But no one knows I'm in it no one is clapping because surprise you're in it too!   So let's put on a good show for our sparkling audience to...


ah, the Joy of loving ....................ah ! the bliss of not-twoness in being ........... where the giver and the reciever become One in giving, and recieving where Giving is recieving, and Recieving giving ...........     There is no end To...

Spirit Walker

If you venture into the inner wilderness without a guide   Be certain you do not forget   Your reason map conscience compass and love garments   It might also be a good idea to bring a prayer flare just in case   And good company to brighten the way and...

woman, flowering : a painted poem

My desire is pushing, lighting me through this mud. I am the lotus. Can I focus on anything but the light? The light takes forms And the forms vanish Again and again. The Sun is calling the Moon. I am relieved, Sense...


Sonar As I dance across the floor Swift as light I feel that floor you swept me across And your arms your legs your feet My arms my legs my feet My smile. Foxtrotting me through space like a knife through butter You...

The Paintbrush

Enlightenment is like a paintbrush placed in the hand of a mannequin who has fully captured your attention while the child behind you dances wildly with paint stained hands soaking the world with expression   Prove your devotion to love and...