Meditating on the Colorado Fires

Wildfire after wildfire has been raging here in Colorado over the last few days.   First I learned of the fire outside Fort Collins,  90 minutes from Denver.   Although far enough away to be out...

Martin Buber Today

    this date, 47 years ago, martin buber passed away in jerusalem. he was 87 years old. i regard martin buber as the greatest jewish philosopher since baruch spinoza in the xvii century, and not unlike...

The Mnemosyne Weekly: Poem Ten

NOTE: This content is from my blog, Bareback Alchemy. If links here aren't working, please try there: W. B. Yeats The Lake Isle of Innisfree Photo by Kenneth Allen This week, thanks to the recommendation of Robert...

Anarchist for Love

Why not be an anarchist for love? Explode as gently as a rose. Can Krishna's sky be scrawled on a wall? Does Mary appear in a fractal of shattered glass? The face of chaos, like the face of...

The Inner, Phenomenology and Social Transformation

when we meditate, or during some prayers, we will sometimes close our eyes. the assumption is that limiting our mental and physical exposure to the stimulation of objects and other contents in our surroundings,...

Interview with Poet Hal Sirowitz on “Being Human”

We've published Hal Sirowitz's wonderful poetry in earlier issues of Tiferet. You'll enjoy this recent interview with him on "Being Human." Be sure to scroll down - there are two parts to the interview!

Worry, Sorrow, and Depression: The “JuBuSto” Perspective

The Rabbis of the Talmud had plenty to worry about, and many reasons for sorrow. The Talmudic era, after all, followed the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple by the Romans, in 70...

Ram Dass on “Letting Go”

Here's an interesting 2010 interview with Ram Dass on the process of letting go:   "Your soul witnesses your feelings, your desires, your fearlessness. Stay  in the witness, not identifying with the desires or attitudes or...

Ink and Blood

One of the tasks I set my advanced creative writing students is to have them, one student a week, find three poems to read and then unpack from whatever anthology I happen to be...

“My advice is not to make a problem of yourself…”

1   Ajahn Sumedho: My advice is not to make a problem of yourself. Give up making a problem about yourself, or how good or bad you are, or what you should or shouldn’t be.   via MARGUERITE MANTEAU-RAO's...