Thin Places – where Heaven and Earth Come Closer

Here's an article from today's NY Times - sounds like they are talking about "tiferet" - places where the spiritual and material meet. Click here to read.  

Jacob Needleman on Consciousness & Our Future

In his upcoming book An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth, Jacob Needleman discusses "an entirely new kind of relationship between consciousness and nature, between consciousness and the earth, between consciousness and...

Middle East Peace and Abraham

0   "For more than 60 years, a just solution to the Middle East conflict has eluded the greatest statesmen of our time. Perhaps it is time for a different strategy. Let's call it an Abrahamic...

The Scale of the Universe

I found an amazing website that allows you to see the scale of the "stuff" of our universe.  From atoms to planets, scroll the slider to see how big or small the items of...

Babies See God

When I was a baby, I knew how to hide in the space between electrons. People saw me bouncing and laughing, but they had no idea where I was hiding. Even today when I go...