As a teenager I used to wonder… by Bruce Black

As a teenager I used to wonder if I had faith and would pray to God uttering prayers that spoke of my faith using the words of my father and his father—Blessed are you,...

Oneness – by Holly Hamilton

Today I had a beautiful experience sharing with a friend. We talked for hours & I was able to share the truth that God is passionately in love with HER! The same excitement, energy,...

Summer Light – by JoyAnne O’Donnell

The blue sky sings with the summer's flowers white daisies the color of clouds wonders the sand so soft blessing us freeing our spirit's bus to rest and revive to wonder and survive.    

The 10 Aspirations – by Alison McBain

I. I am one truth of many. Thou shalt respect all gods and religions, not just one. II. Thou shalt not eschew those who make a carved image of faith, for I am a loving...

The Song of Autumn, By JoyAnne O’Donnell

The autumn is filled with pumpkins prayers for miles God's endless smiles on cool breezes shines high rise's of many colors with the leaves dance on the ground in the sky with autumns wing's flies a great season an inspiring reason peace in...

A Mixed Lineage

This past weekend I meditated with Susan Piver as I participated in her Open Heart Project Virtual Retreat ( Susan is a terrific meditation teacher, and I have been using her beautifully-voiced instructions in...

Nourishing the Soul

Wow, I feel great!! I rolled out of bed early Monday morning. I haven’t felt this good in weeks!!  Usually I’m up early and ready to tackle the day but the last few weeks I...

Classical Literature, the Gods, and Metaphysical Desire

In December I finished teaching a course on classical myth and literature for undergraduates. We read a variety of texts and from a variety of time periods. Among the works we studied were The...

on moses and jesus and the purpose of religion

"at the beginning it was the encounter...all real life is dialogue" - martin buber will social transformation be a consequence of enlightenment, or is enlightenment a consequence of social transformation? i will argue that both...

addendum: on i-it and the god we repress

god is the between of an i and a thou, and it is precisely this existential dialogue with all that exists, our "essential deed" as buber called it, that which we repress within us...