Faith is like a Shimmering Veil – by Jane Beal

Faith is like a shimmering veil. You can’t see through it. It’s like a cold shower. It wakes you up early and makes you shout, “O God!” Faith is like running on the sand...

Faith – Michael Lyle

Faith We all doubt. There are even times when we doubt it all. Everything. Other times, we doubt certain aspects, this understanding or that assumption. It matters little whether these aspects are orthodox doctrine or...

As a teenager I used to wonder… by Bruce Black

As a teenager I used to wonder if I had faith and would pray to God uttering prayers that spoke of my faith using the words of my father and his father—Blessed are you,...

Oneness – by Holly Hamilton

Today I had a beautiful experience sharing with a friend. We talked for hours & I was able to share the truth that God is passionately in love with HER! The same excitement, energy,...

Summer Light – by JoyAnne O’Donnell

The blue sky sings with the summer's flowers white daisies the color of clouds wonders the sand so soft blessing us freeing our spirit's bus to rest and revive to wonder and survive.    
Peace is all thee is

HaTikvah – by Aviva Derenowski

The Israeli national hymn is called “Hatikvah” which translates as “The Hope.” It expresses the hope of the Jewish people to settle in Israel, and make it their home, after an exile of two...

Buoyed by a Bloom – by Anne Peek

I was startled into hope by a sturdy bloom. In a murky week filled with fatigue, overwhelm and heartache, I bought a small pot of Gerbera daisies, bright raspberry red to cheer me up....

The 10 Aspirations – by Alison McBain

I. I am one truth of many. Thou shalt respect all gods and religions, not just one. II. Thou shalt not eschew those who make a carved image of faith, for I am a loving...

The Past is Glass, Turpentine, Rags: A Garden of Love

 They think they love God! It is only his old clothes—of which they make scarecrows for the children. Where will they come nearer to God than in these very children? —Henry David Thoreau, Journal (Nov...

Underneath the Tarot Moon

I have a monthly tarot card date with my friend Tania.  Tania taught me how to read the cards about twenty years ago.  She got married thirteen years ago and moved to California and...