Some newly restored frescoes in the Catacombs of Priscilla show what many see as evidence that the early Christian church had women priests. But The Vatican quickly dismissed the claims of the Women's Ordination...

Lectio Poetica: Becoming Who We Are

“All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves.” – David Whyte During the catastrophic flooding here in Colorado back in September, we discovered a tiny sparrow lurking in our patio garden. We...

Goodbye, Gluttony! Dispatch from a Contemplative Thanksgiving

Breaking the tradition of feasting, with or without family, I attended my first contemplative Thanksgiving last week in Boulder, CO.  Despite my excitement at the concept, the brainchild of a fellow on Meetup.com, anxiety...

Improv as Spiritual Practice

I just passed the half-way point of an improvisational acting class, my first in many years. I enrolled out of a desire to have fun and practice spontaneity.  While “practicing spontaneity” might sound like...

Walking with Wisdom

The seeker walked with Wisdom and came upon the cemetery of her servants. "Learn and move on", she said. "Their teachings may set you free, but their attendants will lock you in the catacombs...

Reclaim the Divine Feminine: Connect to Your Creative Spirit | New Workshop for 2014

A Six Week Series led by Jude Rittenhouse When: Begins Tuesday, March 25, 2014,  7 pm (Eastern Time) Whether you write, paint, draw, sing, cook, raise children, dance, take care of elderly parents, run a household or a...

A Mixed Lineage

This past weekend I meditated with Susan Piver as I participated in her Open Heart Project Virtual Retreat (susanpiver.com). Susan is a terrific meditation teacher, and I have been using her beautifully-voiced instructions in...

SonRise Insights-Lessons Along the Path With God

Last week, my husband, Brian and I and celebrated our 12 year anniversary by playing hooky from church to go on a long hike.  It was a beautiful fall day, and we decided to...

She Beckons

All this time we have been falling at the feet of yesterday's shadows, while the spirit of wisdom stands beside us offering her hand.

Windsurfing as Zen Practice

We are going to do one thing at a time.  My tanned Colorado windsurfing instructor uttered those words on the shore of Big Soda Lake, but they could have also come out of the mouth...