2013 Contest Winners

Poetry Winners/Honorable Mentions   Definitions by Sandra Kohler Winner   A Little Nightmusic by Ami Kaye Honorable Mention Fox Knows Through Her Window by Katharyn Machan Honorable Mention Fiction Winners/Honorable Mentions   The Root System of Trees by Judith Dancoff  Winner   The Whole Truth by Bob Minder Honorable...

Review of Zichronot/Memories, A Journal by Dr. Jerome Lowenstein

  We admire some authors not only because of their writings but also because of the human being these writings reveal. It quickly becomes clear from reading the essays in Zichronot/Memories what an intelligent, humane,...

Harnessing the Power of Time

One day about five years ago, when Barak Obama was running for president the first time, I heard him talking on the radio about wind power.  He said that the wind is a cheap,...

2014 Writing Contest

We are accepting submissions for the 2014 TIFERET Writing Contest from January 1, 2014 – June 1, 2014. You can submit your entries here.  $1,200 will be awarded in prizes $400 for the best poetry submission $400...

Pushcart Prize Nominations

TIFERET is very happy to announce our Pushcart Prize nominations for this year: In Poetry, Emily Vogel for "Is," Ken Ronkowitz for "Shame" and Linda Radice for "Deliberate Awareness" and in Prose, Linda Lappin...

Interview with Poet Hal Sirowitz on “Being Human”

We've published Hal Sirowitz's wonderful poetry in earlier issues of Tiferet. You'll enjoy this recent interview with him on "Being Human." Be sure to scroll down - there are two parts to the interview! http://www.riffraf.typepad.com/

The Mnemosyne Weekly: Poem Twenty (Hopkins)

Gerard Manley Hopkins Pied Beauty What a delicious poem this is. I could just eat it. The glorious, delight in sound is a true celebration of language, infused with divinity--dappled, pied, plotted, and pieced. As you...

What Children Know of Immortality

In a January news release from Boston University, Barbara Moran writes of a study led by Natalie Emmons that examined children’s beliefs about immortality. All of the children in the study claimed they could remember...

Ink and Blood

One of the tasks I set my advanced creative writing students is to have them, one student a week, find three poems to read and then unpack from whatever anthology I happen to be...

New Translations of Poems by Kabir

In The Target is Behind the Sky (Fifty Poems of Kabir) Sunil Uniyal brings to life the poems or “utterances” of the Hindi mystic Kabir.The translations beautifully evoke Kabir’s imaginative yet down-to-earth writings and...