The Current Prompt from My Poetry Blog

Here's a prompt you can have fun with whether you're a poet or not!   Enjoy, and please post your comments and/or poems on the blogsitet:   http://adelekenny.blogspot.com/        

Presence & A Writer’s Reservoir of Images

Thoreau, that perpetual present-moment monger and chanticleer to the blind and busy, wrote perhaps the most beautiful and influential ode to the life-altering benefits of heeding the present. In the chapter “Where I Lived...

Oneness, it’s time

I scratched this into my offline notebook journal a while back.. thought I'd share it. "as is" .. enjoy! I drop to my knees upon the cold, hard earth I lay my palms down and lean...

2014 Writing Contest

We are accepting submissions for the 2014 TIFERET Writing Contest from January 1, 2014 – June 1, 2014. You can submit your entries here.  $1,200 will be awarded in prizes $400 for the best poetry submission $400...

2013 Writing Contest

2013 TIFERET Writing Contest. $1,200 will be awarded in prizes.