Grandfather Now

The shift has happened: it was you. Catch up to your wave and ride it through the ocean of Presence. No need to appropriate the culture of an ancient tribe. The hollow in your chest...

2013 Contest Winners

Poetry Winners/Honorable Mentions   Definitions by Sandra Kohler Winner   A Little Nightmusic by Ami Kaye Honorable Mention Fox Knows Through Her Window by Katharyn Machan Honorable Mention Fiction Winners/Honorable Mentions   The Root System of Trees by Judith Dancoff  Winner   The Whole Truth by Bob Minder Honorable...

She Beckons

All this time we have been falling at the feet of yesterday's shadows, while the spirit of wisdom stands beside us offering her hand.

Theatre of Dreams

The sun is my spotlight that One in the royal digs guides its way   But no one knows I'm in it no one is clapping because surprise you're in it too!   So let's put on a good show for our sparkling audience to...

My Soul, My Sprite of Inner Light

It was a summer day. The afternoon heat had summoned clouds from crystal blue, and thunder rolled across the heavens as a reminder; the sky still had a voice. As I trudged onward, the...


There are blessings in every human experience. Finding them is the key. Especially the painful ones. Whether it's to learn a lesson or humble an inflated ego, god has mysterious ways of working in...

life dancing

The dance. I begin to feel it. The dance floor has shifted, ever so slightly and my perspective is changed. My body begins to soften and respond, I am moved. My life partners and I, (meaning friends family...

Don’t destroy that journal!

I am reading Lawrence Shainberg's 1995 memoir, AMBIVALENT ZEN for the third time.  I probably won't read it all again -- just browsing this time, finding sections that catch my eye.  It's laugh out...

Hay House Writer’s Workshop in New York

Hay House Publishers publishes some of today's best-known inspirational and transformational titles. Their authors include Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Doreen Virtue, and more. This summer they will offer  a new writing workshop...

Recognize Suffering in Others by Rick Hanson Ph.D.

RECOGNIZE SUFFERING IN OTHERS Where Does It Hurt? The Practice: Recognize suffering in others. Why? We’re usually aware of our own suffering, which – broadly defined – includes the whole range of physical and mental discomfort, from mild headache...