Peace is all thee is

HaTikvah – by Aviva Derenowski

The Israeli national hymn is called “Hatikvah” which translates as “The Hope.” It expresses the hope of the Jewish people to settle in Israel, and make it their home, after an exile of two...

The 10 Aspirations – by Alison McBain

I. I am one truth of many. Thou shalt respect all gods and religions, not just one. II. Thou shalt not eschew those who make a carved image of faith, for I am a loving...

Kabbalah in Winesburg, Ohio

When I studied Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, my teacher Jason Shulman told us about the Hebrew word yesh. One way to translate the word is simply as “there is” or “there are.” But a yesh...

A Mixed Lineage

This past weekend I meditated with Susan Piver as I participated in her Open Heart Project Virtual Retreat ( Susan is a terrific meditation teacher, and I have been using her beautifully-voiced instructions in...